Air Asia Careers 2024 (Latest Jobs in India)

Air Asia Careers

Don’t leave the dreams you have of traveling in the air unfulfilled. You can make it a reality with Air Asia Careers and we assure you that the dream world will come true. Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of aviation. Rather, to suppresses it in your heart. Strengthen your …

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Etihad Airways Careers in India for Freshers (Recruitment 2024)

Etihad Airways Careers

Everyone wants a good job and looking forward to their job. In which the world is following its footsteps. The Etihad Airways Careers are open to fresh graduates and skilled individuals. Young people might get happy to hear that your desired career can fulfill through Etihad. Where your future is calling you. Yes, this company …

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Vistara Airlines Recruitment 2024 – Apply Online

vistara careers

If you’re looking for a career with Vistara Airlines. Then you are at the right place. There are ample opportunities to succeed in your aviation career if you want to work for this prestigious organization. Vistara offers you a good perk with a very high salary and exciting opportunities for those seeking to develop their …

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Go Air Cabin Crew Careers 2024

The most important jobs in the airline business are that of the cabin crew. They are responsible for examining all safety measures when the aircraft takes off and lands, in addition to assessing the comfortable amenities for the passengers. No crew member can operate longer than 3 days in one month, as per the regulations. …

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Go Air Careers Ground Staff 2024

Ground staff vacancies were recently advertised for various employment positions under the recent Go Air recruitment. To register for ground staff Jobs 2023, candidates must have completed 12th class or a Diploma in the appropriate field from an approved Institution/College. GoAir is an Indian cost-effective airline located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and is controlled by the …

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Airbus Careers India – Latest Jobs & Internship 2024

Airbus Careers

Airbus is the world’s leading airline manufacturing corporation. It is a European multinational corporation. Airbus owns subsidiaries across the globe. The company provides services in space and aeronautics. Like other countries, Airbus has various subsidiaries in India. India and Airbus share an old and vital relationship. The relationship between India and Airbus has increased throughout …

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SpiceJet Careers 2024 – New Vacancies for Ground and Airline Staff

Spicejet Careers

SpiceJet is an Indian airline. It is India’s second-largest economical Airline. SpiceJet primarily operates in domestic travels. The Airline also provides air travel services to 12 countries in Asia. For a low-cost airline, SpiceJet’s services are first-rate.  SpiceJet careers lay jot many job opportunities every year. Since it is an airline, you can apply for …

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IndiGo Recruitment 2024 – Latest Job Notification

indigo careers

Indigo is a popular Indian airline company. If you’re seeking Indigo careers, you’ve come to the correct place. They offer both technical as well as non-technical jobs. They provide the best facilities for the employees. This airline has been consistently ranked as one of the best airlines in Asia. Currently, they are seeking people from …

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Go Air Careers 2024 – Lucrative Jobs at Biggest Indian Airline

Go Air CareersGo Air Careers

This article is about Go Air careers and everything that a candidate needs to know to apply for recruitment in this company. This includes providing details about the criteria and prerequisites for applying. For applying in customer services departments, you have to be great at communication skills. Similarly, for technical departments, you should have relevant …

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Cathay Pacific Recruitment 2024 (Job Notification)

Cathay Pacific Careers

If you have the passion to work on some of the most challenging problems facing humankind today, then come and join Cathay Pacific. It is a diversified international airline group, committed to providing safe transportation across the world. They offer several job opportunities ranging from engineering, operational, commercial, and administrative roles. Cathay Pacific careers are …

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The Airline industry is rapidly expanding in India. This growth has led to the creation of many job opportunities for people with various levels of education, and skillsets. The airline industry is not just limited to pilots and air hostesses. There are a number of other jobs in the airline industry that are equally lucrative and satisfying.

Aviation is one of the most demanding professions in terms of salary, work hours, and other factors. But if you are ready to put your best foot forward, then there are plenty of opportunities for you in this growing sector. This article lists down some good aviation jobs that are available in India nowadays.

There is no dearth of airline jobs in India. They have a number of job openings for people who are skilled in various areas such as Marketing, Accounting, and even Information Technology, etc… So, whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, there is a good job opportunity waiting for you in the airline industry. You just have to apply your best skills and find the perfect fit for yourself. They also hire 12th pass for ground staff and other lower-level positions.

Airlines Jobs in India

Airlines Jobs Qualification

The qualifications are usually required depending on the position. But, there are a few basic qualifications that is common for most airline jobs.

  • At least a Bachelor’s Degree is required for the following positions: Marshall, Flight Attendant, and Purser.
  • Candidates for the following positions must have a Diploma degree in an appropriate discipline: Ground Staff, and Cabin Crew.
  • Pilot: Have Commercial Pilot License (CPL) for Boeing 737 or Airbus 320.

Some airline jobs may require additional qualifications such as a degree in aviation or experience in the aviation industry.

Types of Airline Employment Opportunities

There are a variety of airline employment opportunities that are available to those who are interested in working in the airline industry. Some of the positions that are available include:

Ground Staff:

The ground staff is responsible for the safety and security of the passengers and crew. They check boarding passes and luggage, direct passengers to their seats, and provide information about the flight. They may also be responsible for cleaning the aircraft and handling baggage.

Cabin Crew/Air Hostess/Flight Attendant:

They are responsible for the well-being of passengers during flight, providing food and drinks, answering passenger questions, drawing emergency equipment, and sitting passengers in their designated seats. They may also be responsible for ensuring the flight is running smoothly by directing cabin traffic.

They have a lot of responsibility throughout their shifts as they are expected to keep passengers happy and ensure that the flight is running as smoothly as possible.

Flight Dispatcher:

One of the lesser-known positions in an airline company is a Flight Dispatcher. A flight dispatcher is responsible for the operational control of the aircraft fleet for a specific destination. They are in charge of overseeing routes, reserving fuel, and deciding on departure times. The dispatcher will also inform pilots about what equipment they need to have with them when they take off.

Food Quality Control:

A food quality controller is someone who is responsible for ensuring that the food that is being served meets the required standards. They will typically have a background in food science and will be responsible for ensuring that the food is stored, prepared, and served in a safe and sanitary manner.


A marshal is responsible for the safety of the passengers and crew on board an aircraft. They are trained to deal with sudden threats, disturbances, and emergencies. Flight marshals are also tasked with escorting unruly passengers off of the plane at the end of the flight. Flight marshals must be on their best behavior at all times or they can face disciplinary proceedings.

The job has a lot of responsibility as they are always expected to ensure that passengers are safe. If there is an emergency situation on board, the flight marshal will be one of the first responders to make sure that everyone is safe.


The pilots are the ones who fly the planes. They are responsible for navigating the aircraft and ensuring that it arrives at its destination safely. Pilots must be able to handle a variety of situations, such as unexpected turbulence or mechanical problems. They must also be familiar with the airport and airspace in which they are flying.

We have a wide range of vacancies available across all Aviation industries and locations after this article, so there’s bound to be something perfect for you!