Go Air Cabin Crew Careers 2023

The most important jobs in the airline business are that of the cabin crew. They are responsible for examining all safety measures when the aircraft takes off and lands, in addition to assessing the comfortable amenities for the passengers.

No crew member can operate longer than 3 days in one month, as per the regulations. This provides a good-work life equilibrium as well as competitive pay. Here are all details you need about Go Air careers 2023 for cabin crew with salary, age, height, documentation, requirements, recruitment process, how to apply and more.


GoAir/GoFirst Cabin Crew Latest Jobs 2023

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Several characteristics can set someone out from the crowd. You should be optimistic, self-assured, adaptable, pleasant, and eager to assist peers. These are some of the additional qualities selectors search for in the prospects.

  • Applicant must be 21 years old while applying.
  • While standing on toes, the candidate must have an arm range of 2.12 meters.
  • 5.24 feet is the least height required.
  • Graduated from higher secondary school (Class 12).
  • English proficiency (spoken and written).
  • While wearing a cabin staff outfit, any noticeable tattoo is not permitted (makeup and patch covers are prohibited).
  • Adaptable to other individuals, new environments, and different circumstances.
  • Fit and healthy for such rigorous work, having a BMI that is within an acceptable range.

In addition to the duty requirements, outstanding cabin staff employees provide a bit extra.

The candidate must be committed to constantly deliver excellent results. And there’s no question that you must be capable of keeping up with a tough job routine. You will also be ethnically informed and represent yourself as professional, sensitive, innovative, imaginative, and cosmopolitan.


Hiring/Recruitment Process

Understand what to anticipate as a candidate moves through the evaluation phases of the hiring process.

  1. Resume Assessment and Review

This cv provides details about the skills and history that are important in recruiting procedure.


  1. Evaluation in Groups

Selected applicants will get the chance to demonstrate their abilities in cooperation, communication, and teamwork.


  1. Evaluation of Height and Weight

First and foremost, safety! Clearing this examination guarantees that all security requirements are satisfied.


  1. English Proficiency Test and Personality Quiz

Qualified applicants would take a brief online English exam developed to assess language competence and a web-based personality profile assessment.


  1. Last Interview through the Web

If the candidate passed the English examination, they would be booked for a virtual interview. Also you can learn all details about Go Air Ground staff careers.


Dress code for evaluation day

For Male

  • Hair – Nicely organized
  • Face – Neatly shaved
  • Dress Code – Smart, professional outfit
  • Footwear – Work shoes with a formal appearance


For Female

  • Hair – Nicely tucked back
  • Face – With complete make-up
  • Dress Code – Smart, professional outfit
  • Footwear – Put on high heels


Documentation required for the assessment (Compulsory)

  1. CV featuring most recent images (Full length and Passport)
  2. A photocopy of the class 12th mark sheet
  3. A photocopy of passport Aadhaar Card and passport
  4. For Crew with Prior Experience
  • Photocopy of the SEP / Proficiency Card – an inadequate book won’t get accepted.
  • Resignation Approval notice from the last airline
  • AEP submission and approval evidence from prior airline


Overview of the Training Pathway


Throughout the introductory period, the candidate will be given instructions to help them adjust to new surroundings during the training.



Safety and protection method instruction will offer candidates the tools and information to keep the planes and people safe and secure. Airplane technology, fire prevention, in-flight problems, and escape are all included in the teaching.



Group medical training can prepare a candidate to handle any health emergency on a flight with confidence. Cardiac arrest, bleeding, wounds, urgent delivery, as well as a range of health problems will be covered.


Rules for Joining

  1. Ready to move from any Go Air operating location
  2. Ready to Spend on Non-Refundable Training Charge
  3. Ready to spend 13 weeks in Mumbai for coaching
  4. The applicant must be capable of swimming unaided in more than 6 feet deep water.


Interview Preparation Strategies

  • Learn about Go Air, the company’s environment, as well as its growth strategy.
  • Learn conversing successfully in English – a language and grammatical exam would be administered.
  • While communicating, make an effort to be heard, straightforward, and assertive.
  • Show decency/politeness – Keep in mind that the employer will keep an eye on you.
  • Have a pleasant, modest, and courteous demeanor while marketing oneself.
  • Leave the meeting day open; selected applicants will be invited to return for additional rounds.


Cabin Crew Salary

Cabin staff, flight attendants, pilots, and other positions are available in airlines.

Here is a complete table illustrating the typical wage level for service personnel having 0 to 3 years of expertise in the airline industry and across various careers.

  • Senior Air Hostess – Rs.550,000 to 825,000
  • Flight Attendant – Rs.480,000 to 675,000
  • Cabin Crew – Rs.504,000 to 702,000
  • Ground Attendant – Rs.504,000 to 735,000
  • Customer Service Representative – Rs.360,000 to 432,000


Cabin Crew Salary is also affected by several elements, which are:

  • Months of Expertise
  • Ability to Communicate
  • The Company’s Current Situation


The expense of attending a cabin crew training

There are 3 levels of cabin crew programs available: graduate programs, Diploma programs, and certification programs. According to the subject and the academy, the program price ranges from Rs 50k to Rs 150k. However, to become a cabin crew, one must first be picked by an aviation company, which provides free certification with compensation, making the program much more affordable to study.