Go Air Careers Ground Staff 2023

Ground staff vacancies were recently advertised for various employment positions under the recent Go Air recruitment. To register for ground staff Jobs 2022, candidates must have completed 12th class or a Diploma in the appropriate field from an approved Institution/College.

GoAir is an Indian cost-effective airline located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and is controlled by the Wadia Group, an Indian corporate group. Someone who wishes to join the Go Air Hiring 2022 for Freshers, Ground Staff Walk-in-interview may take advantage of this fantastic chance. It is suggested to all eligible and eager applicants that the jobs opening 2022 is only available for a short period, and so they should complete the web application before the deadline.


Walk-In Interviews for Go Air Ground Staff

Candidates can apply for any ground staff position at GoAir/Go First through Walk-in interview opportunity. You can check out all the latest openings and walk-in interview details here.

If you are worry about interview process and unexpected questions, these Go Air Interview questions and answers can help.


About Ground Staff

The ground crew is in charge of looking after the travelers prior, afterward, and during journeys. They are in charge of answering customers’ questions, giving travel details, and ensuring that they do not have any problems throughout the trip. Ground personnel are an important element of the airline business and can’t be substituted by computers or machinery. Several of the biggest duties of the ground crew include verifying travelers for the plane, helping travelers with kids and disabled travelers, managing the loading and off-loading of travelers’ belongings from the planes, performing safety check operations at frequent intervals, informing travelers of timing changes and changes in the travel plans, etc.


Ground Staff Job Roles

Ground personnel might choose from several career opportunities. Airlines recruit different individuals for various sorts of jobs, from aircraft maintenance to answering customer questions. Applicants may select a professional role that tickles their attention. Listed below are a few of the work roles.

  • Agent in Charge of Airlines
  • Ticketing Agent for Airlines
  • Technicians in Avionics
  • Agent for a Flight Terminal
  • Representative of Sales
  • Coordinator of Crew Schedules
  • Reservation Sales Representative
  • Designer of Ramps
  • Passenger Service Representative
  • Flight Control Operator


Advantages of Working as Ground Staff

  • A job of a ground crew member is both difficult and rewarding.
  • This profile will assist you in improving your presenting and speaking abilities.
  • There are several career opportunities accessible. Candidates can select any employment role based on their qualifications.


Requirements for Go Air Ground Staff Position

Those interested in applying for Aviation Jobs 2022 must possess a higher senior secondary, Diploma, or Degree certificate from any recognized institution.


Age and Height

To qualify for the Go Air-Ground Staff Job, applicants need to meet the age requirements stated below.


  • Age – 18-30 years
  • Height – At least 5.64 feet
  • BMI Range – 18 to 24



  • Age – 18-30 years
  • Height – At least 5.15 feet
  • BMI Range – 18 to 22
  • Skin – There should be no markings or piercings on any noticeable areas of the physique.
  • Communication – Proficiency and ease of communication in spoken and written in Hindi and English


Skills Needed

  • Strong communication abilities.
  • An active, passionate, lively, and upbeat individual.
  • Demonstrate your capacity to operate individually and across cultures.
  • Proven to be more effective in solving difficulties.
  • Excellent cooperation and organizational skills
  • MS Office proficiency
  • Excellent comprehension of media tactics for increasing external exposure and company image


Essential Documents

Before applying for this position, applicants should meet all of the qualifying requirements, including all the needed papers listed below.

  • Valid e-mail address and cell phone number, both of which must be available for 12 months.
  • A recent color photo and a photo of one’s original sign in electronic format must be included in the registration form.
  • Read all of the instructions properly when filling out the online registration forms. Incomplete submissions which do not fulfill any qualifying requirements will be immediately dismissed.
  • Following the online application, applicants must obtain the automatically-generated Temporary Registration Receipt, including special registration information and various important information.


Incentives and salary for Go Air-Ground Staff

As a new hire, monthly compensation as a go air-ground crew member might range between Rs. 19000 and Rs. 24500.

  • Every GoAir ground staff employees are eligible for a significant rebate on plane tickets for individual usage.
  • Each month, employees will get 12-15 days’ leave.
  • Benefit from health insurance
  • Benefit from term insurance
  • Benefits of ground staff kit allocation

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Recruitment Procedure for Go Air ground staff 2022

Applicants who get chosen for the ground staff job would go through the following key phrases.

  • Interview over the phone
  • Written Examination
  • Personality Assessment
  • Group Discussion
  • In-person Interview
  • HR Round


Dress code for evaluation day

For Male

  • Hair – Nicely organized
  • Face – Neatly shaved
  • Dress Code – Smart, professional outfit
  • Footwear – Work shoes with a formal appearance


For Female

  • Hair – Nicely tucked back
  • Face – With complete make-up
  • Dress Code – Smart, professional outfit
  • Footwear – Put on high heels


Rules for Joining

  1. Ready to move from any Go Air operating location
  2. Willing to Spend on Non-Refundable Training Charge
  3. Willing to spend 13 weeks in Mumbai for coaching


Interview Preparation Strategies

  • Learn about Go Air, the company’s environment, as well as its growth strategy.
  • Learn conversing successfully in English – a language and grammatical exam would be administered.
  • While communicating, make an effort to be heard, straightforward, and assertive.
  • Show decency/politeness – Keep in mind that the employer would be keeping an eye on you.
  • Have a pleasant, modest, and courteous demeanor while marketing oneself.

Leave the meeting day open; selected applicants will be invited to return for additional rounds.