SpiceJet Careers 2024 – New Vacancies for Ground and Airline Staff

SpiceJet is an Indian airline. It is India’s second-largest economical Airline. SpiceJet primarily operates in domestic travels. The Airline also provides air travel services to 12 countries in Asia. For a low-cost airline, SpiceJet’s services are first-rate.  SpiceJet careers lay jot many job opportunities every year. Since it is an airline, you can apply for job vacancies at different divisions. You can be a part of the cabin crew of SpiceJet Airline. The Airline also provides job openings for the ground staff or technical crew. The application process for SpiceJet jobs is simple. Suppose you have some interest in SpiceJet. From here, you can learn the available job positions. And you will learn about the job requirements. Learn the eligibility criteria for being an applicant. After reading all the needful information. All you have to do is follow a brief procedure to be an applicant at SpiceJet.

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About SpiceJet Airlines

SpiceJet formally operated as Modiluft. The chief services Modiluft provided were private air-taxi. Its services changed after the Airline went into a partnership with Lufthansa. Modiluft started providing passenger and cargo airline services. The Airline provided those services until it ceased all of its operations. After a few years, an Indian entrepreneur got the ownership of Modiluft. He rebuilt the Airline and named it SpiceJet. SpiceJet’s primary focus was providing cheap travel services to its passengers. From that time, The Airline went through numerous ups and downs. But with its elite services, SpiceJet rose itself to be the country’s second-best domestic Airline. SpiceJet’s fleet contains Boeing, Bombardier and Airbus made Aircrafts. The company owns more than 80 Boeing 737s. The Boeing 737 is the face of SpiceJet Airlines. The Airline also posses more than 30 Bombardier Q-400s. SpiceJet went into a contract with Bombardier for 50 of its Q-400.

SpiceJet also owns some Airbus A320s in its fleet. For freight and cargo transport the Airline owns five B737 freighters. The Airline provides services to more than 50 in-country destinations.  Along with that, the company also offers international travel services in Asia. SpiceJet went to a code-share partnership with Gulf-Emirate. With this move, SpiceJet and Emirates now have access to travel channels basing on other careers. SpiceJet has received numerous global and local awards for its services. For its low-cost travel facilities, SpiceJet received the Global Award for the leading low-cost Airline. It also received the best domestic airline reward.

List of Vacancies that are in Demand at Spicejet

  • Accounting
  • Transportation
  • Advertising
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Media
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Cabin Crew
  • Entertainment
  • Customer Services
  • Management

Basic Requirement to Join SpiceJet Airlines

SpiceJet allows freshers to start their professional careers as a part of its brilliant crew. The Airline gives many job vacancies to fresh graduates. The only reason for that is to bring motivated people into their workforce. New graduates have innovative ideas to improve services in SpiceJet. To take part in SpiceJet recruitments, the candidates need to fulfill some requirements. The Airline selects candidates with the right attributes. SpiceJet prefers candidates that are 18 to 27 years of age. It is because young people adapt to new things very quickly. The least height requirement is 155cm, and candidates should know how to swim. These two rules are for the safety reasons of the candidates. The applicants need proper English language skills. These are mandatory for cabin crew jobs. Another righteous rule is that candidates should have good health and no chronic disease.

Expertise Requirements

For the fresher jobs, the candidates don’t need any experience related to the position. The only Airline-imposed rules are education and health. These jobs include cabin crew and ground staff. The Airline prefers experts over freshers. Because an airline carries many lives every day. A mistake by a cabin crew member or any other crew member can risk the lives of people. The Airline also needs experts for its management and finance-related jobs. For crew jobs candidates 0 to 5 years of work experience. For the position of Deputy Manager in accounts, the candidates need 3 to 5 years of expertise. The post of Reservation Executive needs 0 to 2 years of the candidate’s expertise. The expertise requirements for significant jobs are on a different scale. SpiceJet demands 5 to 7 years of experience for the post of Senior Manager.

Salary & Benefits

The pay scale of SpiceJet jobs is different for almost every type of position. SpiceJet pays its employees and crew member according to their work efforts. These wages are still better compared to others. The basic salaries of cabin crew members are 44k INR per month. Compared to that, the monthly salaries of ground staff members at SpiceJet are 32k INR. A Customer Service Executive at SpiceJet earns up to 2.6M INR per year. In comparison to that, a Customer Service Representative makes 26k INR monthly. Along with these wages, SpiceJet provides some benefits to its employees.

Perks and Benefits

SpiceJet issues a special discount on tickets to its employees. For some employees, the Airline provides free tickets. For an airline, it is mandatory to provide life and disability insurance to its employees. SpiceJet also confers to that rule. Even though the employees work at changing shifts from day and night. SpiceJet gives flexible working hours to its workers. The Airline provides you with paid holidays. They also sent you on paid vacations at numerous places. SpiceJet provides its employees with paid sick leaves.

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How to Apply for SpiceJet Careers?

SpiceJet careers provide a promised livelihood to their employees. You now know every necessary detail about SpiceJet. Also, you know their pay scale and job benefits. You also have a read on some of its job position. You can also relate to the expertise needs for joining SpiceJet. The recruitment process at SpiceJet contains few stages. You can go for a walk-in-interview at the Airline. Or you can apply from the website for an Interview. To apply online, you need to provide your necessary information. You are uploading your CV your passport details and certificates regarding your education.

After using, you need to get not more than two interviews. One of these interviews is to check your technical expertise. The other is the HR interview. Make the interviewer believe that you are compatible and qualified for the job post. Then the Airline will give you a job offer—the procedure for application.

  • Visit the official website.
  • Search for a job.
  • Apply online by uploading the required documents.
  • Wait for a reply.

You can go to the application page by clicking the link.