AAI Careers 2024 – Latest Jobs Openings at Airports Authority of India

AAI careers provide many jobs every year. The Airport Authority of India is a legal body. The management of airports and air navigation services are their main chores. The Ministry of civil aviation runs AAI. It is the government’s duty to upgrade and maintain aviation. Authorities send out recruitment notices through public channels. It observes connection and navigation in the country. There are many duties of this body.

Latest AAI Recruitment 2024

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    List of Vacancies that are in Demand at AAI

    • Human Resources
    • Management
    • Sales
    • Accountant
    • Transportation
    • Admin
    • Customer Services
    • Healthcare
    • Admin Officer
    • Protective Officer

    About Airports Authority of India

    AAI institution inherited all duties of its parent i.e. IAAI and NAAI. Besides that, it has some added duties. The Ministry of aviation made all the changes in 1994. The changes include the creation and management of air space. It involves ground civil aviation services as well.

    The system implemented an Automatic Dependence Surveillance System. It made India have such technology in South East Asia. The Authority united with the Indian Space Research Institution. Both of these departments worked hard on the GAGAN project. The project had a relation with the augmentation of GPS signals. The products of this project upgraded the navigation of aircraft.

    Many sections are working in the back of AAI. For instance, Safety Directorate offers safety duties. And it is crucial for all the airports. The engineering section provides new technologies and facilities. Civil and electrical engineering back its framework.

    There is a fire section as well. The fire section is of great importance. It provides recuses and fire brigade services that save lives. So, all that shows the combined effort and teamwork.

    Basic Requirements to Join Airports Authority of India

    AAI recruitments accept fresh graduates for junior job posts. Besides that, it offers jobs to experienced experts. The recruitment needs depend upon the nature of jobs. Expertise need varies for every available position. The age limit and education criteria are the same for every job. The age of the applicants must be 18 years.

    The upper limit is of 27 years. The age limit is a bit flexible. The Authority gives ease in the age limit for special situations. The education needs for job positions are firm. An applicant needs B. E or B. Tech degree as the minimum education requirement. For senior jobs, education needs to rise to postgraduate or Ph.D. Candidates need at least 60% marks in their bachelor’s.

    And a degree from an A-rank institution. The institute set expertise rules for competent job posts. The expertise need increases for significant jobs. For the operation manager post, the applicants need 3-5 years of experience. The candidate needs 3-5 years of expertise for the junior consultant post. For senior jobs in engineering, the expertise need is 5 to 7 years. The experience needs for senior consultation jobs is the same.

    Recruitment Process

    The institute is responsible for hiring pilots and in-house doctors. The expertise need for these jobs is three years. After fulfilling the basic needs, candidates go through the course of recruitment. It is a two-step procedure. Candidates must take the GATE aptitude test. The institute invites applicants who pass this test for a job interview.

    The interview tests the competence of the applicants. There are technical questions in the interview. All of these questions are about the applicant’s study course. The interviewer asks personal questions. Candidates tell about their backgrounds and reason for applying. The interviewer asks tricky and common sense questions. If the interviewer likes you, the authorities will give you a job offer.

    Salary & Benefits

    AAI jobs offer generous wages to their employees. As a government institution, all wages are according to government policy. The pay scale is larger than in other government sectors. The wages for apprentice jobs are 20k to 30k INR per month. And the wages of the Ground staff are 25k INR per month. For the Manager posts, the Authority pays 80k to 300k INR for a month.

    Employees of the same sector earn wages depending on the rank of their posts. The job earnings increases with the difficulty of the position. The Authority provides extra job benefits to its employees. And the benefits are nonparallel compared to jobs in the private sector.

    Perks and Benefits

    The body provides health and wellness benefits to its employees. The workers enjoy medical health care and health insurance. It provides life and ailment insurance to its workers. That is the main reason for people selecting the body. The institution includes childcare benefits. All that includes maternity and paternity leaves. Ill workers receive paid sick leaves from work.

    For hardworking employees, AAI organizes paid vacations. The company provides bereavement leaves to its employees. The company gives employee discounts for its products. It provides transport and mobile phone services to its employees. The body gives free drinks and snacks during working hours. And all of us want to work in an institute like that.

    How to Apply for AAI Careers?

    You know the basic details about AAI careers and employment. You know the criteria and benefits of the department’s jobs. To be a part of the AAI Aero recruitment program, you must complete all their needs. The current job notification is at your fingertips. Visit the official website for online application for any job. To apply online, follow this simple procedure.

    • Visit www.aai.aero.
    • Click on Apply.
    • Select an appropriate job designation.
    • Register with the website.
    • Write proper credentials in the form.
    • After the registration, you will receive an ID and password.
    • Login to the website.
    • Upload your photo and signature.
    • Pay the application fee.
    • Wait for a reply.

    Click on the link down below to go to the application page.