Bajaj Careers India 2024 – Latest Jobs at Bajaj Auto Finance

Bajaj Group is an Indian multinational company. Bajaj Group is a conglomerate that provides various services and products. In India, the Bajaj Group has many industries and production facilities. Bajaj careers offer countless job opportunities in the country. Bajaj Auto is a part of the Bajaj Group. The whole world knows about Bajaj Auto because of their motorbikes and two-wheelers. Bajaj is the second largest motorbike manufacturer in the country. The company provides jobs for freshers and professionals. From here you can learn about vacant job positions at Bajaj. You will gain an understanding of the company-provided guidelines. You can also look at the latest job notifications at Bajaj. Suppose you have an interest in having a career at the company. You can find out the recruitment process for job positions. And you will also comprehend the average salaries for different jobs at Bajaj.

Latest Bajaj Job Vacancies 2024

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    About Bajaj Auto

    Bajaj Auto is a multinational company that manufactures two-wheelers and three-wheelers. Bajaj Group wholly owns Bajaj Auto. The company is one of the leading motorbike manufacturers in the whole world. The company started its operations in the 40s. At the start, the company imported scooters from other countries. Then the company sold its imported products in India. Over time, Bajaj Auto received the license to manufacture two-wheelers from the Indian Government. The company also made a deal with Piaggio. The deal’s content was that Bajaj Auto would manufacture Vespa scooters. The company manufactures bikes, scooters, tempos, and Auto-Rikshaws. Some of the company’s most famous bikes include the Pulsar series, Avenger, Dominar-400, and Platina series. Bajaj Auto also made history in India by manufacturing the countries first 4-stroke commute bike.

    In India, Bajaj Auto is the leading manufacturer of Auto Rikshaws. The company has sold and exported hundreds of thousands of these three-wheelers. Bajaj Auto’s three-wheelers are famous to such an extent that people refer to auto-rickshaws as Bajaj. The company also manufactures low-cost and fuel-efficient cars in India. The company cooperated with Nissan and Renault to achieve that goal. Bajaj Auto is the parent company for Bajaj FinServ, Bajaj Auto Ltd, and Bajaj holding and Investments.

    List of Vacancies that are in Demand at Bajaj

    • Accounting
    • Admin
    • Sales
    • Engineering
    • Business Operations
    • Advertising
    • Maintenance
    • Human Resources
    • Marketing
    • Media
    • Healthcare
    • Finance
    • Information Technology
    • Entertainment
    • Customer Services
    • Management

    Basic Requirement to Join Bajaj Auto

    Bajaj Auto prefers experienced professionals over freshers. But the company provides some jobs to fresh graduates to help start their professional careers. Bajaj Motor Careers includes employment at the manufacturing plant and its finance department. The available positions consist of jobs in the working staff and the management staff. In the Bajaj Auto Finance department, the open job positions are usually in the sales section. For manufacturing crew job posts, the primary requirement is experience and work skills. These requirements differ for every available part. Since the production work needs to be precise, the company mostly gives these jobs to the candidates with the most experience. The first basic need for this type of employment is a bachelor’s degree with any mechanical or technical major. The other primary market is work experience of some years.

    Bajaj Auto Finance provides loans to Bajaj Auto customers. The usual loans consist of Two and three-wheeler loans. These loan services also play a significant role in Bajaj Auto motor sales. The candidates require 7 to 8 years of expertise to become an applicant for Area Manager of Sales. For a candidate of Regional Manager of Sales, the experience requirement is 10 to 15 years. The expertise requirement continually increases for more significant jobs. The additional skills that the company needs from its employees are good grades in academics. The candidates also need good math and calculation skill. Working at various shifts should not be a problem for candidates.

    Recruitment Process

    The recruitment process of Bajaj Auto consists of three to four steps. The first step is the aptitude test. Candidates for any job post must pass this test to advance to the next step. The second step is group discussion. The interviewer gives you a product description and asks you to introduce it to a market. The candidates prepare for 10 to 15 minutes and deliver their presentations. Group discussion disqualifies many job applicants. The third step is the personal interview about the candidate’s qualities and education. The last step is the HR interview. The interviewer asks technical and intelligence questions.

    Salary & Benefits

    The salaries of Bajaj Auto jobs explain a lot about the company’s elite status. The average wages of Mechanical Engineers at Bajaj Auto are 200k to 800k INR per year. A Design Engineer at Bajaj makes about 250k to 900k INR in a year. For manager-level positions, the company pays salaries from 1M to 3M INR per year. Accountant at Bajaj Auto Finance earns 200k to 400k INR yearly. The average yearly salary of an Executive Assistant is 550k INR. Bajaj Auto offers many perks and benefits to its employees, along with these fair salaries.

    Perks and Benefits

    Bajaj Auto provides life and disability insurance to its workers. The company offers paid holidays. Bajaj employees enjoy company-paid vacations. For sick employees, the company accepts paid sick leaves. The company allows the usage of phones in offices premises. Bajaj also covers the phone bills of its employees. For a new worker, the company provides training and education programs. Bajaj provides outstanding bike loans with a low interest rate to its employees. Some employees also work in flexible shifts throughout the week.

    How to Apply for Bajaj Careers?

    Now you have acquired basic knowledge about Bajaj career recruitments in India. You also gained an understanding of the company’s expectations of its employees. Also, you have read about the expertise needed for jobs. You also know about current openings for various job positions. After reading about salaries and benefits that the company provides to its workforce. Suppose you have an interest in applying for a job at Bajaj. All you have to do is follow a simple procedure.

    • Visit the official Bajaj Auto website.
    • Go to the career page.
    • If you already have a job in mind, you can search and apply for it.
    • If you want to scroll through jobs, click on “join us”.
    • Find a job and read its requirements.
    • Fill in a job application with accurate information.
    • Wait for a response from Bajaj Auto.

    You can go straight to the application page by following the link below.