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Cerner Careers India – Jobs Openings for Freshers/Seniors


Cerner is one of the world’s largest health IT corporations. It is an American corporation with various subsidiaries all around the world. There are various offices in several cities in India. Its services include information technology and equipment about human health and care. The company creates all these systems. Cerner careers attract a large number of people who wish to be a member of this corporation. This company is an elite corporation that offers jobs every year to the civilians of India. Some of these are jobs for freshers and others for experienced candidates. Here is some useful information if you have an interest in careers at Cerner in India.

Available Careers at Cerner

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    About Cerner Corporation

    Cerner is famous worldwide for its services. These services have a connection with health information technology. The founders of Cerner were always interested in the integration of human health. And they were also invested in modern information technology. The company’s primary purpose was to augment Health care. And healing techniques through computer equipment and IT. Cerner creates medical equipment that uses IT to automate the human recovery table. Cerner manufactures health systems with small components. Customers either buy one of these components or the complete system. All that depends on their needs.

    The company keeps providing software-built hardware systems. That is why they are always a need for new brilliant minds. Those who can revolutionize their technology. The jobs available at Cerner concerns both IT and hardware specialists. Various hospitals and clinics use tools and health systems. The systems display brief information for respective operations. That makes the doctor’s job easy and straightforward. Cerner has attained massive success throughout the years. Cerner’s products and systems are flexible. And can work with modern and invented technology and procedures. Cerner’s Indian recruits are among the most hardworking and brilliant IT specialists. They have great recognition all around the country.

    Job Positions

    • Human Resource
    • Sales
    • Finance
    • Admin Officer
    • Information Technology
    • Healthcare
    • Design
    • Protective Service
    • Business Operations
    • Social Services
    • Entertainment
    • Customer Services
    • Hospitality
    • Media
    • Management

    Basic Requirements to Join Cerner

    The basic requirements to join Cerner’s careers are different for various jobs. Some of these jobs are critical, and only experienced applicants can apply to them. The company reserves the remaining jobs for freshers. And for applicants with less than a year of practice in the field. For a fresher or a senior, some requirements are standard for both. Some of them are exclusive according to the job.

    For Freshers

    Cerner provides job opportunities for fresh graduates and candidates who have less experience. Among these jobs are freshers for Technical Support. The least education criteria are a bachelor’s or master’s degree in any computer subject. The company prefers B. Tech, B.E, and M. Tech diploma holders during selection. This position is for freshers, so there is no experience need. You will work as a technical support engineer. System Engineer is another job exclusive to freshers. The basic education requirements are the same as a year’s experience in windows and SQL. Only freshers can apply for this job. Countless people apply for the job of Software Engineer at Cerner every year. The education need for this job is the same as the above two. The job accepts freshers, yet the company prefers candidates with professional’s experience.

    Senior Candidates

    Some jobs only need well experienced and senior candidates. The company gives these positions to the ablest and expert candidates. The Expertise that the company requires from Senior Software Engineers is 2 to 5 years of work. Cerner prefers candidates that have up to 4 years of experience. The experience should be in development and design. The company requires 3 to 7 years of experience as a Team Lead Software Engineer. Another necessary condition is at least two years of experience. The experience can be with any Health Care IT organization.

    Product Owner is another critical job at Cerner. The candidates need a least 3 to 6 years of experience to apply for this job. The education need is any medical or nursing bachelor’s degree. Among senior positions, Associate Senior Software Engineer requires the least experience. Candidates need the least experience of 1 year to be eligible for this role. You will position and track several programs. And you will deal with companies stake holders. You’ll also select the complexity of the company’s future projects.

    Salary & Benefits

    Cerner knows the importance of its employees. And that’s why provides them with handsome salaries and benefits as they deserve. Cerner pays 27000 per month as the average salary to its regular job’s employees. These jobs include every primary and non-complex job. For complex positions like Associate Senior Software engineer, Cerner pays a huge amount. That can be up to 9 lakh per year, including gifts and other bonuses. A senior employee with the position of Team Lead earns 13 lakh per year. For a Senior Software Engineer, Cerner’s job pays the average amount of 12 lakh per year.

    Perks and Benefits

    Cerner takes care of its employees by providing them with unique benefits and job perks. In Cerner, you work in a casual environment where everyone is helping and friendly. You can dress and work in a hierarchy free environment. In case you are sick, Cerner gives you a paid sick leave. Cerner provides team outings and paid vacations for your recreation. As a health-related organization, Cerner gives you medical benefits like health insurance. Cerner provides its employee with memberships of gyms and health clubs for fitness. You receive life insurance and disability insurance that takes care of your family. While working at Cerner, you get educational benefits and job-related training.

    How to Apply for Cerner?

    Being a part of Cerner’s career is a dream come true for many people. If you have an interest in Cerner you can apply there using this procedure. But you will have to go through all the recruitment needs first.

    • First of all, visit the Career page of the official Cerner website
    • Look around for a job that suits you the most.
    • Read all the necessary education requirements and expertise conditions.
    • Check the reviews for the job.
    • Fill out the application form with accurate information.
    • Apply and wait for a response from Cerner

    You can go straight to apply for a job at Cerner by clicking the link.

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