Go Air Interview Questions Answers – Airline Job Interview Tips

Are you interested in working in the aviation sector? Consider these Go Airlines interview questions and answers to help you land your dream job.

Interviews for flight attendants or cabin crew may be quite challenging. Anyone could feel confused if they didn’t prepare for the interview. So better study all these questions and answers before applying for Go Air Careers 2021.


Q. Please tell us about your capacity to operate under extreme stress?

Tip/How to Answer: You would like to prove how you can’t simply function under hardship, and you can excel under specific sorts of strain. If someone doesn’t possess genuine crew background, explain any “similar” strain you have struggled with, like managing with timelines, excessive workloads, and so on.


Q. What specific expertise do you possess as an aviation crew?

Tip/How to Answer: Discuss information relevant to the role you’re looking for. If you lack certain experience, go as near to it as possible. If the interviewer asks such a question, feel comfortable describing the experiences thoroughly.


Q. What else did you achieve in the previous year to broaden your understanding of the aviation industry?

Tip/How to Answer: Include job-related development initiatives as much as possible. Effective improvement encompasses a wide range of practices. Here are a few nice ones to share.

Recruiters need candidates who seem to be goal-oriented. Include work-related interests to demonstrate a drive for constant learning. Whatever interests you decide to highlight, keep in mind that the aim is to demonstrate efficiency, organization skills, and ambition.


Q. What makes you think we must recruit you?

Tip/How to Answer: This question must be wisely addressed because it is the chance to stay ahead of the competition. You must concentrate on your existing talents, as well as those that haven’t even been stated.

You must not make assumptions about the talents or qualities of other candidates; instead, concentrate on yourself. If you want to apply for a ground job, consult Go Air ground staff careers guide.


Q. What is your understanding of the company?

Tip/How to Answer: You must conduct a preliminary investigation before the interview. Investigate the airport’s or Go Air history. This may assist you in standing out. The employer does not expect anyone to remember specific periods or persons, but demonstrating that you are interested in conducting the study is a plus.


Q. What are your greatest strengths?

Tip/How to Answer: Such a question allows you to speak about yourself; however, consider that the employer is looking for qualities relevant to the role. Like being a critical thinker, a facilitator, and the ability to work amid pressure, have an optimistic mindset and be dedicated. You might require references to support the responses to demonstrate the expertise.


Q. What is your most serious flaw?

Tip/How to Answer: This might be difficult to answer; if someone claims to possess no flaws, you will come out as arrogant or conceited. Respond genuinely by highlighting minor job-related flaws since many people attempt to respond with a good talent disguised as a flaw. Yet, it is advised that there be certain realism, so the flaws seem genuine and stress how you will conquer or strive to improve them. The goal of such inquiry is to discover where a person sees and judges oneself.


Q. How much do you estimate to get paid?

Tip/How to Answer: It’s very unusual for someone to start discussing compensation without properly presenting their abilities, yet information is strength in a discussion, after everything. Likewise, completing the study might be beneficial since you should be aware of the typical wage.

One option is to inquire the employer regarding the pay scale, however, if you want to dodge the topic altogether, you may say that income isn’t a big deal, and the main objective is to grow in the profession.


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