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MCD Careers 2021 – Latest Jobs Vacancies

Job hunters are familiar with MCD as the hub of all public sector jobs. There is nothing wrong with it because that is what it is. It handles every civic institute in Delhi. With that, there are many post openings every year. MCD recruitment is a golden chance for anyone who is on the lookout for a job. The body gives away notices for a vacancy in any job post. In fact, it is one of its primary duty to do so. Applicants come flying from everywhere in the country for these posts.

It is pretty much the same for every public service job. The thing that attracts people towards these jobs is their salaries and many benefits. These benefits include esteem from society. The whole society respects anyone with this job. They all know that; the government picks them for these jobs due to their abilities. These jobs help people who wish to be a pillar of support for their families. The help comes in the form of good wages and unmatched benefits for employees and their families.

If you have your eyes set on a particular MCD post, read the instruction about it. People who are looking for any possible job can find every available post here. To be an applicant first, you have to read the common criteria. Learn the education and expertise need. Get an idea of their salaries and the benefits as well. After reading everything then size yourself, are you eligible or not. Suppose you think the post suits you then learn about the application process.

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About Municipal Corporation of Delhi

Anyone who has a wish to be a part of it must learn its background. It is not necessary for being an applicant but to get the post. You know that the final step of any job recruitment is the interview. If your skills are alright and you have good charisma, only one thing can go wrong. Most applicants become unable to answer a question about the institute. It is because they never read about it and just went in to get the job. The interviewer uses their lack of knowledge as the reason for rejection. To avoid that, learn a little about its way of working.

After an act, MCD started in April 1958. It didn’t appear out of thin air. The body used to work as DMC before its conversion. DMC was the only civic body of Delhi at that time. The institute went through some more changes in 1993. It brought big changes to its major working sectors. Its primary duty is to give every civic public service in Delhi. As the population increased, the body ends up with no other choice than to split its duties.

Around 2012, it split up into three separate working bodies. It was the basic need of that time. The reason was the increase in its coverage area. It was getting hard for it to fulfill all of its duties. The three new bodies started working on their selected areas. The split was according to the cardinal directions. One body was east the other two were south and west. The leaders of the MCD gets their seats from the general election. From parties to solo candidates, anyone can stand up for its leadership.

Available Positions at MCD

  • Corporations
  • Operations
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Consultant
  • Deputy Director
  • Legal Advisor
  • Physician
  • Restaurant Manager

Basic Requirements to Join MCD

MCD recruitment offer job posts to many freshers and diploma holders. It is a government body from top to bottom. That means there are countless available jobs for fresh graduates. Besides that, there are internships as well. People who want to learn the job goes to these internships. Those with proper knowledge apply for fresher jobs. There are a lot of people aiming at the same seat. To select the most deserving candidates, the body places some rules for selection. These rules are fair to everyone and are a necessity for anyone who wants a job.

The first requirement is the applicant’s age. It accepts the minimum age of 18 years and the common maximum age of 30 years. The least age limit stays the same while the upper varies with the job rank. For some, it goes up to 40 years and for SC, ST it becomes 43 years. MCD monitors many civic institutions. These include public service, education, post offices, and many others. There are jobs in every field, so there is an education criterion as well. The Lowest ranking of jobs only needs a 10th degree. Posts in the teaching sector require 12th class to postgraduate and Ph.D. degrees.

Jobs of the same rank have the same education criteria. It is true for job expertise. Posts like a principal of any academic institute or a doctor need some prior work experience. An applicant for any doctoral post needs MBBS with the least two years of expertise. For government officers, the experience need is 3 to 5 years of experience. Suppose you complete all the requirements, the only step that remains is to apply for the job.

Salary & Benefits

A large number of people apply here because of the wages. MCD jobs offer attractive salaries to their employees. The pay is consistent and on a monthly basis. A Junior Engineer under this body earns 65k to 75k INR per month. Very high in contrast to wages in other public or private institutes. A doctor makes 50k to 70k INR in a month. This is only the base pay of a few working hours. A teacher of any high class gets 6ok to 70k INR monthly. Besides these wages, there are some perks only for the employees. Number one is job security. Once joined, almost everyone keeps their jobs this retirement. It is a government job, so it offers all medical and holiday perks provided in any other public body.

How to Apply for MCD Recruitment?

MCD recruitment is a simple, two-step process. The first one is the aptitude test taken on a regional basis. Only those candidates move further who get good scores in these exams. The other step is the job interview. Perform well and land yourself an ideal job. Now you know all the basic needs for these jobs. Payscale and benefits are also familiar to you now. If you have selected a position from the given option, filling the online application form is the only remaining step. Apply online from the website at Read these steps to get an understanding of the application process.

  • Go to the official website.
  • Visit the “career” page.
  • Register online and apply for a job.
  • Pay the application fee.
  • Complete registration by uploading your signature and picture.
  • Wait for the date of your exam or interview.

The link below will show you straight to the application page.

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