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NALCO Careers 2021 – Latest Jobs and Vacancies

Fresh graduates and job seekers have the best chance to make a promising career right now. NALCO recruitment is that golden chance that will change their lives. People come to these types of jobs to make a name for themselves. Besides that, the other reason is their stipend. Everyone knows how good the benefits are for these jobs. The institute is aware of how impatiently people wait to get a shot at any post. For that, it gives asap notification for any open post. These notices spread from public channels, and everyone can easily access them.

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About National Aluminium Company

To build your confidence during the selection process and to get rid of every doubt. One must know the basic information about the employer. This is a common practice to increase the chance of landing a job. Suppose you know their history and working method. You can make a guess what they are looking for in their applicants. The interviewer tries this trick to test the applicant’s knowledge. People who don’t read anything about its way of working get washed out at the end. The most basic information can help you get an ideal job.

NALCO has a brief history from its start to the current form. It started in 1981 as a CPSE. Its basic duty was mining and power sector. Now the company works from two units. One of them is the Mining and Refinery unit. The other one is its Smelter and power unit. You can make out their duties by looking at their names. It is the largest bauxite miner in the state. The alumina it offers is of elite quality. But the costs are meager. So low that it is the world’s cheapest high-grade alumina and bauxite producer. The government is the owner of more than half of its shares. That makes it work under its authority.

Available Positions at NALCO

  • Call Center Agent
  • Doctor
  • Engineer
  • Medical Officer
  • Manager
  • Senior Advisor
  • Specialist
  • Director
  • Finance
  • Technician
  • Human Resources

Basic Requirements to Join NALCO

Job openings for pros come up from time to time. But that is not the case for freshers and new graduates. NALCO careers offer many posts to people who are starting their professional life every year. The scope of these jobs starts from internships then move towards junior employee and trainee jobs. No matter the name, these are all legitimate public sector posts. Inviting fresh graduates is the quality of every government institute. They use freshers as a way to nurture the state’s success. There are a few rules to become an applicant for these posts.

Every job has a requirement about the age of their candidates. The minimum age of an applicant should be 18 years. Average posts have an upper age limit of 30 years. But it varies for some posts and goes up to 55 years max. The other need that it places is the education criteria of applicants. It is in common sense that the minimum need is a bachelor’s degree. For engineering jobs, a postgraduate degree in any sector is necessary. Applicants for medical posts need M.B.B.S to become a candidate.

For fresher jobs, education and age are the deciding factors. There is an extra condition for expert candidates. The job experience plays a big part in their selection. There are fix rules about this as a medical officer needs 2 years of work expertise. The requirement increases with the rank of the job. An applicant for the post of Senior Engineer needs 3 to 5 years of experience. Experts often have a duty to train new employees and trainees. That is why all of their job concepts should be complete and up to date.

Salary & Benefits

NALCO jobs have some strict rules for their applicants. But there are adequate compensations for employees here. Wages are a big reason that attracts people to join. As you know, it is a government body so the pays are consistent and the benefits uncanny. These jobs are more popular because of their perks than salaries. But it doesn’t mean that the wages are not fair. The wages of a TSR starts from 45k and goes up to 100k INR per month. An engineer earns 900k to 1.2M INR in a year. The pay for a junior manager is up to 1.2M yearly, and the assistant makes about the same amount. The company gives laptops to its employees with a personal car as well. There is complete security of jobs, and the monthly benefits are over the top.

How to Apply for NALCO Recruitment?

People gunning for NALCO recruitment goes through a simple process. The Gate test scores are important for technical jobs. After that, you go in for an interview. Then there are some medical tests to see if you are medically fit. If you ace the interview and the test, then you get green lights. A job offer will come with your joining date. Searching for a job vacancy is the first step towards this. You know the basic salaries for jobs at NALCO. The criteria are also in your mind. If you think you are eligible, go and apply online right now. To make everything simple, read the application steps.

  • Visit the official website at
  • Go to the careers option of the website.
  • Register with the website by giving your credentials.
  • You might need to upload your signature and photograph as well.
  • Pay the requested application fee.
  • If you meet the requirements, you will receive a response.

Click on the below link to get rid of any hassle and directly go to the application page.

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