Data Scientist Jobs in India

The Data Scientist role is in demand, and it’s changing rapidly. Whether you’re looking for a career change or just starting out in the job market, we hope that this article will help you understand what kinds of companies and opportunities exist.

There are many big companies that are looking for Data Scientists, but most of the jobs are at the entry levels for freshers. That’s because startups are trying to figure out how to use data to improve their products, and they need someone who can help them do that. This is a great opportunity because you’ll have less competition from other data scientists at the outset.

In Indian cities Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, you’ll find many opportunities because of the lack of data scientists. It’s also important to note that India has a lot of outsourcing companies like Genpact and Wipro that are looking for data scientists because of their work with clients in the US.

Data Science is an umbrella term that includes machine learning, statistics, and various computational techniques to extract meaning from data. These jobs pay high salaries because the demand for these skills is very high.

Types of Data Science Employment Opportunities

Some roles may overlap and pay the highest for the corresponding skills which are as follows:

Data Analyst:

A data analyst is someone who is responsible for cleaning and organizing data so that it can be used by others. They also write queries for other members of a team. However, this role exists at many companies and is a great place to start if you want to move into data science.

Database Administrator:

A database administrator is responsible for the design, security, and performance of a company’s databases. They also work with data analysts to make sure that the data is ready for them to use. They may also need to write code to extract data from a database.

Machine Learning Scientist:

A machine learning scientist is someone who has strong coding skills and the ability to understand statistics. They write code that can aggregate large amounts of data in useful ways, and they also report on the results.

Duties of a Data Scientist

Some of the common duties that data scientists are expected to do include:

  • Cleaning data by getting rid of outliers or patterns that are not related to the question being asked.
  • Finding trends in data and trying to predict future events.
  • Building models to test hypotheses about how different factors affect a phenomenon or how to best solve a particular problem.
  • Reporting on findings so that other members of a team can understand them and use the data.

Most of the data scientists that we’ve seen are analytical. They like to think about what they’re doing and how their work fits into the bigger picture.

Requirements for Data Scientist Job

Data Scientists need to be passionate about data. If you can’t think of any reason why people would be interested in the numbers that you’ve aggregated, then you won’t be successful. Some requirements that companies have for this position include:

  • You should have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or statistics or another relevant field.
  • You should also have experience with basic statistical techniques so that you can understand data and problems.
  • Must be able to think analytically.
  • You should also be familiar with basic coding languages like Python and R.

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