Oman Air Cabin Crew Recruitment 2021 – Security (Supervisor)

Oman Air

Job Responsibilities:

  • Represent Oman Air at local security meetings and submit reports to the Head Office.
  • Prepare duty rosters for security staff in order to obtain maximum productivity from them in keeping with the local labour laws and regulations and also ensure that they are punctual in reporting for duties and are smartly turned out when performing the same.
  • Ensure effective implementation of the company’s Security Programme at the destination in order to safeguard the company assets from any unlawful acts.
  • Acquire a good knowledge of DGCA India, BCAS, ICAO, IATA, and other Local Authority Aviation Security policies, regulations, legislation and procedures.
  • Hold briefing classes for the security staff and educate them on their duties.
  • Submit daily-weekly reports in respect of security matters to MSNC
  • Attend to any other duties as directed by MSNC, Airport Service Manager, and Country Manager.
  • Keep Manager Security Network & Compliance (MSNC), Oman Air advised of any important matters concerning Aviation Security at the destination.
  • Investigate and submit reports in respect of any incidents of breach of security.

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