Honeywell Careers – Advanced Software Engineer


Job Description:

The position of DevOps Software Engineer is responsible for working with Honeywell Software Engineering teams in an Agile environment to coordinate design, develop (writing code), install, manage and/or maintain our systems that are used to implement automation for continuous integration and continuous deploy/delivery (CICD) efforts. The DevOps Software Engineer will involve further automation of the CICD tool-chain and processes to build a world-class CICD pipeline and enable Honeywell’s 11k+ Software Engineers to deliver securely, safely, and frequently.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Solving complex and difficult integrations using code and scripting
  • Partner with other technology teams to ensure correct technology decisions, deliver designs, and technology POC.
  • Focused on helping teams develop better software with the adoption of the following DevOps capabilities: Test Automation, Deployment Automation,
  • Trunk-Based Development, Shift Left on Security, Version Control, Monitoring, Proactive Notifications, Loosely Coupled Architecture,
  • Empowered Teams, Continuous Integration, and Test Data Management.
  • Focused on UI module of the DevOps PRoduct
  • Improve speed to market and application quality by utilizing testing best practices, release automation, component releases and release strategies.
  • Debugging of integration issues and generating creative solutions
  • Using Voice of the Customer input to remove pain points and streamline development processes

Qualification & Experience:

  • Excellent knowledge and experience in building testable, scalable, robust DevSecOps solutions for maintaining high availability applications.

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