Robert BOSCH Careers – Software Developer


Job Responsibilities:

  • To design and write the embedded software as per the requirements of the client
  • To review the implemented system, understand and interpret the error reports from internal staff and external clients, troubleshoot and debug them in the embedded environment, and provide instant fixtures for the same
  • To interact effectively with the team members and contribute in increasing their knowledge and understanding their problems
  • To maintain and document the software programs and resolutions given for the technical issues and any other relevant data that may be of importance
  • To work in close association with the clients to understand their needs and to address the issues related to the process
  • If the existing system needs to change, then they are responsible for interpreting the requirements and changes that are needed in the software and develop specifications and discuss it with the seniors

Qualification & Experience:

  • 2 – 4 Years of Experience

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