Job Responsibilities:

  • Works with respective Recipe and Command Center teams to ensure escalation database is updated and maintained, including hierarchical and functional escalation contacts.
  • Align and deliver targets set out by Executive Management & BRM
  • Defines, Executes, and Mature’s interaction protocols with all stakeholders ancillary to Major Incident management. (GSO, Disaster Recovery Planning, Business Units, I&O, R&D, etc…)
  • Optimizes response capabilities providing input to tools/technologies development which accelerates Major Incident response capabilities throughout the CIO Organization.
  • Ensures appropriate chain of custody for AAR (After Action Review) by assigning appropriate Recipe Owner/Team
  • Accountable for all communication with respect to Major Incidents inclusive of the target audience, content/context, etc… Ensures communication is consistent, clear, concise, and effective. Responsible for the ongoing development and maturity of the communications process and content.
  • Documents activities and events which occurred during the remediation effort and provide input to action items that improve the stability of our products.
  • Ensure key performance indicators are measured for Major Incidents and report trends of process maturity levels and tool adoption
  • Educates GETS on current and revised processes and procedures related to Major Incidents.

Qualification & Experience:

  • 3 – 4 Years of Experience

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