Cerner India Careers – Solution Designer


Job Description:

Cerner is elated to hire a Solution Designer. As a Solution Designer, you will manage a subset of the overall product backlog and conduct team backlog grooming, and break down product requirements for development. In this role, you will create and prioritize epics and user stories for product development along with developing story and feature acceptance criteria. As a Solution Designer, you will review and accept backlog items as they are and provide input and approval to product documentation, including help notes and release files. Your responsibilities also include performing functional testing, including user acceptance and exploratory testing. It is very significant to evaluate risks and perform hazard analysis for development activities, track product functionality, and performance, as required by regulatory standards, to ensure that it meets market needs. Support or lead key agile ceremonies such as the sprint review. Additionally, you will maintain key communications between product groups and the scrum teams.

Qualification & Experience:

  • Minimum 3 years of health care information technology (HCIT) product design, HCIT product strategy, or HCIT consulting work experience

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