Citi Bank Careers – Developer Angular


Job Description:

We are looking for an Angular(4) Developer responsible for the UI development. Your primary focus will be to implement a complete user interface in the form of the desktop web app, with a focus on performance. Your main responsibilities will include creating modules and reusable components. You will work in a team with the back-end developer and communicate with the API using standard methods. A thorough understanding of all of the components of our platform and infrastructure is required.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Good knowledge of session sharing/ Token sharing
  • Ability to develop end to end single-page apps
  • Validating user actions on the client-side and providing responsive feedback
  • Hands-on experience in building Angular project from scratch
  • Working knowledge of VSCode, Sublime tools
  • Deep knowledge of Angular practices and commonly used modules based on extensive work experience.
  • Creating self-contained, reusable, and testable modules and components
  • Ensuring a clear dependency chain, in regard to the app logic as well as the file system
  • Creating custom, general use modules, and components that extend the elements and modules of core Angular
  • Basic working knowledge of NODEJS and CSS.
  • Proficiency with Typescript, JavaScript, and HTML5.

Qualification & Experience:

  • 5 – 8 Years of Experience

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