Citibank Graduate Careers – Compl Product Officer


Job Description:

Serves as an APAC Global Function compliance risk officer for Independent Compliance Risk Management (ICRM) responsible for assisting with internal strategies, policies, procedures, processes, and programs to prevent violations of law, rule, or regulation and design and deliver a risk management framework that maintains risk levels within the firm’s risk appetite and protect the franchise. In addition, engages with the ICRM Product and Function coverage teams, in order to partner to develop and apply CRM program solutions that meet the function/business/product and customer needs in a manner consistent with the Citi program framework. Primary responsibilities include monitoring compliance risk behaviors and providing day-to-day Compliance advice relating to the supported function/business/product and guidance on function/business/product rules/laws and interpretation on internal policies and procedures

Job Responsibilities:

  • Collaborating with other internal areas including Legal, Business Management, Operations, Technology, Finance, other Control Functions, and
  • In-Business Risk to address compliance issues that may impact the supported function/business/product.
  • Assisting in the development and administration of Compliance training for the supported function/business/product.
  • Additional duties as assigned
  • Assisting with regulatory inquiries and/or examinations. This may include coordination with regulators and other parties.
  • Supporting the function/business/product in performing timely compliance reviews of new products.
  • Researching any new reform rules and rule changes and implementing policies, procedures, or other controls necessary to comply with the rules.

Qualification & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree; experience in compliance, legal or other control-related function in the financial services firm, regulatory organization, or legal/consulting firm, or a combination thereof; strong working knowledge of function/business/product supported and the related operations and financial requirements; Advanced degree preferred

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