IKEA India Careers – Logistic Team Leader


Job Responsibilities:

  • Influence and lead the goods flow team in order to contribute to the highest stock availability for customers at the lowest possible cost every day by ensuring the store goods flow process is executed correctly.
  • Live the IKEA values and nurture a strong and living IKEA culture that inspires extraordinary achievements in the store and in the goods flow team specifically.
  • Influence positively the quality of products, merchandising, and customer shopping experience in the store.
  • Contribute with relevant goods flow input and feedback to the store business plan and logistics action plan.
  • Work actively with and implement the agreed logistics actions stated by the store business plan into the goods flow process.
  • Secure that the work of the goods flow team complies with the IKEA code of conduct, internal IKEA regulations and local legislation relating to health, safety and security, and environment.
  • Provide support in identifying and developing the many talents in the goods flow team to secure succession planning.

Qualification & Experience:

  • Analytical and numerical skills.
  • Skilled in retail and/or logistics processes, tools, and working methods.
  • Understand and actively use all IKEA manuals, specifically the In-store Logistics the IKEA Way manual to build additional competence.
  • Skilled in creating efficient and cost-effective commercial performance.


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