Railway Recruitment 2020 for New Openings

Railway Recruitment Board (RRB)

Name of the Vacant Posts:

  • Contract Medical Practitioner
  • Nursing Staff
  • Pharmacist
  • Lab Assistant
  • Radiographer
  • Hospital Attendant
  • Housekeeping Attendant

In view of the exigencies related with the COVID-19 Pandemic, Southern Railway, Tiruchchirappalli Division requires immediately the following Medical Personnel and Para Medical Personnel for the Railway Hospital, GOC on contract basis for a period of maximum 3 months.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The engagement of the Contract Medical Practitioner and Contract Para Medical Staff would be on the full time contract basis for a period of maximum three months from the date of engagement (if the scheme of engagement Of Paramedical Staff on contract basis is not extended).
  2. The service rendered during the contract is an arrangement for meeting up the requirement of the pandemic situation and it will not confer any right for eutomatic regularization/ absorption in Southern Railway in any circumstances.
  3. The services rendered as Contract Medical Practitioner or Contract Para Medical Staff on contract basis is a stop gap arrangement and will not have any bearing in respect of consideration of their period oc service in case Of regular selection through RRB or UPSC.
  4. Full time Contract Staff who enters into contract with the Railways will not have any claim or right for his/her regularization or absorption in Railway service. During the validity of contracts, the Railway Administration will be at liberty to terminate the contract at any time during the contract period for administrative reasons whatsoever.
  5. The contract shall also be terminated forthwith if the work of the Contract Staff is found to be unsatisfactory and the full time Contract Staff is found to be physically or mentally invalid or in capacitated. Candidates proposed to be engaged on contract should be fit medically else will not be considered.
  6. After selection of the candidates for the posts required, the names of the be in the Interview will remaining candidates who appeared kept on waiting list and in event of any vacancy arises in future will be filled by these candidates.
  7. The detailed instructions with regard to the duties shall be given to the candidates who are selected, along with the offer of engagement.
  8. The candidates on contract are required to follow the dress code as per administrative requirement at their own cost. The contract will be ceased on completion of the period of 03 months automatically.
  9. No private practice or any other employment will be permitted during the contract period.
  10. The candidates are personally responsible for payment Of professional tax, income tax and other duties/ faxes leviable by the State/ Central Government from time to time.

Complete Information Available Here

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