OFB Careers 2022 – Latest Jobs at Ordnance Factory Board

People who want to have an exciting work life, are the best match for these types of jobs. Humans are slaves to their nature and can go to huge lengths to do what they want. That is the same for excitement seekers. OFB recruitment gives reality to their dreams. Imagine a job where you get to face new and interesting things every day. Because that, is what having a job here means. Ordnance Factory recruitment gives thrilling job openings every year. A large number of these posts are for trainees and interns. You can’t keep a count, that is how many people go for these jobs.

For a single vacancy, thousands of candidates compete to get it. To keep people up to date, it posts notifications for any open job. The credit for that goes to the government. It creates new job openings to increase the employment rate of the state. Putting the thrill part aside, these jobs gives many benefits to their employees as well. Well, it is in common sense that, the government wholly owns OFB. It oversees the recruitment for various posts. Not everyone has the ability to become a part of it.

To make sure that the applicant with the best abilities is getting in, it puts some requirements on candidates. This way, it maintains the quality of its workers and gets rid of anyone not suited. Keep in mind that the basis of selections is the candidate’s skills. Except that there is no other way to enter. From here, you can learn the basic information for these posts. Take a look at currently available posts and their needs. Make your mind after reading the criteria and applying for the job. You can learn about the recruitment process and the method of application as well.

Latest Ordnance Factory Board Recruitment 2022

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    About Ordnance Factory Board

    Read a little about its background to get an insight into the way it works. Some people ignore this step and go straight to job selections. When the interviewer asks the question about the institute, they become dumbstruck. At that time, they come to know their biggest blender. No matter how good your skills are, it is better to prepare for everything. The roots of OFD goes back to 1712 as a gun powder company. From the time, it evolved, and in 1935 it started as IOS. It goes without telling that it worked for the Defense DP. In 1979, the committee got tired of that name as well and named it Ordnance Factory Board.

    From firearms to missiles and rockets, there is nothing that this institute can’t make. Besides that, the variety goes to land, sea, and air. In the end, all of these are defense products, important for the country. From this, you can guess the importance of this body. It stands higher than any other body. Not only that, it is one of India’s oldest and largest institutes. Since its starting days, the body spread all over the country. There are more than 50 ordinance factories in India. More than 10 institutes train new workers every year. When a job notice comes, it comes for every department.

    List of Vacancies that are in Demand at OFB

    • Chargeman
    • Civil Engineers
    • Apprentices
    • Technician
    • Doctor

    Basic Requirements to Join OFB

    OFB recruitment comes with many jobs. Some of them are only for freshers and applicants with zero experience. Every public sector institute practices this rule of offering jobs to fresh graduates. But it goes past that condition for this authority. The jobs are complex, but the requirements are lenient. So easy that everyone has a good chance of getting a job here. The first need that it places on applicants is their age. This rule might be the easiest among all other institutes. The minimum age limit is 15 years. But that doesn’t mean at 15 years of age you get a high-rank post. It is for any trainee position of any job.

    The upper age limit is 24 years basic. This limit is for these posts as well. The upper limit can vary for different fields of study. For ST, it goes up to 29 years. The OBC candidates have an upper age limit of 27 years. Next up is the education criteria. The least age is 15, so it means 10th pass applicants are welcome for jobs. For technical jobs, education need is a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Some posts need a postgraduate degree as well. It gives training to employees in every work sector. These include trade or tech sectors.

    The last place goes to work expertise. There are various trainee posts doesn’t mean there aren’t any for pros. For their jobs, applicants with the most experience are most able for the job. The junior posts there need 1 to 3 years of expertise. The mid-rank jobs ask for 3 to 5 years of experience. Only experts can join senior posts. Their criteria are strict because seniors have the duty to lead the whole team. Besides that, the juniors learn workplace manners from them.

    Salary & Benefits

    Ordinance Factory jobs give satisfying wages and benefits to their employees. Some might think that salaries are moderate, but the perks are uncanny. It is a public sector body, so, naturally, its benefits are over the top. Let’s start with trainee jobs. It not only teaches recruits but also pays them per month. It is almost as if giving someone money for studying. For Diploma holders and graduates, monthly wages are 5k to 9k INR.

    A Quality Engineer makes 42k to 48k INR per month. The company pays 93k to 97k INR monthly to its manager of any sector. Besides these wages, there are benefits like insurance and medical. For perks, there are monthly bonuses and allowances.

    How to Apply for Ordnance Factory (OFB) Recruitment?

    OFB recruitment is a painless process. Only for technical posts, there are two steps. The first one is their aptitude exam. Marks from these exams determine your future post. After it enters the interview. For basic Ordnance Factory jobs, an interview is the only step of the selection process. An online application is the best way to register for these jobs.

    After reading the primary instruction, you have a good idea of what the requirements are like. You know the wages and eligibility criteria of some jobs as well. Suppose you think you are eligible, searching for a job vacancy is your only step. But you have also looked at open positions. What you got to do now is apply online and get the job. There is a procedure here with the easiest method of online application.

    • Visit the official website at www.ofrc.gov.in.
    • Enter the careers section of the site.
    • Register with the site to apply for the job.
    • Give your correct credentials.
    • Scan and upload your signature and photo.
    • You have to pay the registration fee as well.
    • Apply and wait for a reply.

    To do it smartly, click on the link down below and get to the application page.