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Adobe is an American company that develops computer software. It is a multinational company known worldwide for its numerous software. Adobe careers in India provide jobs with various vacancies every year. The company offers a set of instructions and requirements for these vacancies. Anyone who wishes to avail of a job opening at Adobe needs to go through these instructions. Here you can find more about the company’s given requirements. You can look for available job positions. You can also check the eligibility criteria for various jobs. And you can learn about Adobe salaries in India. Adobe’s primary focus was the development of multimedia software that anyone can use in the world. For that purpose, Adobe has created un-matched software. The company has pivoted its focus to digital marketing software. Adobe is continually working to bring more advancements to its developed software.

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About Adobe

Similar to other world-famous technologies and software development companies. Adobe also emerged from Silicon Valley, California. Adobe made history in Silicon Valley for becoming a profitable company in one year. It happened because of Adobe’s first-ever product. The company created a page description language with the name Postscript. Postscript’s primary purpose was to read text from a page or a sheet. Adobe developed Postscript for printers. From the moment Adobe released Postscript, it became a huge hit. After only three years, industries were using Postscript as the standard printing language. Adobe got its big push when Apple licensed Postscript for their LaserWriter printers.

After that Adobe started developing more and more intelligent multimedia software. Some of Adobe’s most used and currently operating software includes Adobe flash for the web. For image editing and vector graphics, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are the prime choices. Adobe owns subsidiaries and development centers all around the world. But in some countries, Adobe has built some of its major developing facilities. India is home to two of these types of significant operations. India’s advancement in software is something that leads Adobe to the country.

List of Vacancies that are in Demand at Adobe

  • Accounting
  • Fashion
  • Advertising
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Media
  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Business Operations
  • Engineering
  • Customer Services
  • Management

Adobe Internship & Jobs for Freshers

Adobe maintains its crown through constant advancements. The company knows the best way to bring innovation to its operations. For that purpose, Adobe brings in fresh minds every year. Adobe Internship is just a program that the company uses to find rare geniuses. The company provides every available type of internship program to fresh graduates and students. All of that is for the effort to search for prodigies that will revolutionize the entire system. Adobe presents ample opportunities for promising students and graduates. The Interns that have no such talent become witty after working alongside some of the brightest minds in the world. Adobe jobs for freshers provide various chances to fresh graduates to achieve a secure future. The education requirement for such jobs is IT or Computer graduates. The students that have completed B. Tech or B.E are eligible for any fresher jobs.

Basic Requirement to Join Adobe India

Adobe careers impose some basic requirements on their willing candidates. For fresher jobs, the rules are simple. There is no need for previous work experience if you are applying for fresher jobs. The criteria for joining the position for professionals is quite different. For a significant job post, Adobe requires both work experience and special skills. These skills depend on the nature of the job. One of the most notable posts is the Head of Competency and Digital Marketing. The candidates for this position require the least expertise of 13 years. Additional skills requirements are many like experience in WCM systems, along with team-leading skills. For the job of Software Development Engineer, the expertise requirement is 3 to 5 years. The post of Experience Designer for all level need more than five years of expertise. Another primary job at Adobe, a Solution Architect candidate needs 10 to 15 of expertise.

Recruitment Process

The Adobe recruitment process is a bit different compared to other software development companies. The recruitment process mainly contains five to six steps. The first step is the aptitude test and the online coding test. In this step, candidates take an exam and solve some arrays and strings coding problems. The selective candidates then go to the second round. It is a direct technical quiz where the candidates answer a question related to memory and OS. Whoever passes the quiz moves to the next quiz. Here the candidates answer questions relating to graphs and algorithms. Another quiz quickly follows after the second one. The interviewer asks conceptual questions about system management and c++. The final step is the HR interview.

Salary & Benefits

Adobe jobs have a demanding recruitment process. The salaries explain plenty about that process. Adobe salaries are a step higher in comparison to other software companies. These salaries make all the hardships worthwhile. A Software development Engineers earns up to 800k INR per year. A Junior Software Engineers earns from 400k to 1.2M INR in a year. To a Senior Software Engineer, Adobe pays from 1M to 2M INR per year. Even for the same nature of jobs, as the expertise level increase, the wages also increases.

Perks and Benefits

Adobe benefits include the health and wellbeing of its employees. The company is deeply concerned related to that topic. Employees get paid holidays and vacations to maintain their mental health. For physical fitness, Adobe provides time offs and paid sick leaves to its employees. The employees also go through regular medical check-ups. Adobe also provides some financial benefits to its employees. The company offers generous discounts for employees who buy the company’s products.

How to Apply for Adobe Careers?

After reading the necessary information regarding Adobe. You are now fully aware of the Adobe careers benefits and perks for its workers. Now you are also mindful of the excellent treatment Adobe offers to its employees. You have also learned about some job positions. Along with the company’s requirements for these positions. You also know the average pay scale of adobe employees. Suppose the recruitments at adobe interests you. You can search for job openings from here. You can apply online after finding a suitable job. The procedure for online application is straightforward.

  • Visit the official website.
  • Go to the careers section.
  • Search for a job.
  • Fill the form with your accurate information.
  • Wait for a reply date for the aptitude test.

Follow the link for the online application.