IB Recruitment 2022 – Intelligence Bureau (Apply Online)

The Intelligence Bureau is India’s intelligence agency. It is among the world’s oldest agencies that provide intelligence and security services. IB recruitment in India put forward many job openings every year. The agency is working under the Ministry of Home Affairs of India since the beginning. The IB is a domestic intelligence agency that assures the internal security of India. The agency also executes critical tasks like countering terrorism. The IB also renders elite security services. For candidates who are passionate about serving their country. Or they want a stable career in the Intelligence Bureau. From here, you can comprehend primary information about IB. For any job vacancy, the Bureau notifies the public through official channels. You can get a read on the recruitment process of IB. You can also learn the requirements to get a job at the Bureau. There are also various technical job posts in IB.

Latest Intelligence Bureau (IB) Recruitment 2022

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    About Intelligence Bureau India

    The Intelligence Bureau has its roots spread back to the late 1800s. At that time, it was a part of the British Indian Army. Its primary focus was on intelligence activities relating to Russian troops in Afghanistan. The Bureau formed close contact with Scotland Yard and M15 in the early 1900s. The former name of the agency was Indian Political Intelligence. After the independence of India, the new Indian Government renamed IPI as Intelligence Bureau. IB operates with secrecy inside India. The Bureau collects intelligence information for the country’s safety. IB is also responsible for countering external intelligence agencies. The Bureau takes in employees from the Indian Revenue Service and Police Department. The Bureau always gives the Director of Intelligence Bureau position to an IPS officer.

    The Intelligence Bureau handles countless classified operations about India’s safety. The Bureau doesn’t publicize its tasks and their relating details. The information that the Bureau declassified is enough to take a grasp on its success. Soviet KGB started training IB in the 50s. The relation between both lasted till the fall of the Soviet Union. The Intelligence Bureau used to operate as an external and internal intelligence agency. After the Bureau’s inability to provide accurate help in some external matters. The Government decided to reshape the Bureau only as an internal intelligence agency.

    List of Vacancies that are in Demand at Intelligence Bureau

    • Research Officer
    • Security Assistant
    • Receptionist
    • Executive
    • Deputy Director
    • Accountant
    • Library
    • Caretaker
    • Female Staff
    • Information Technology
    • Cook

    Basic Requirements to Join Intelligence Bureau

    The Intelligence Bureau of India deals with matters about the state’s security. That is why IB recruitment has strict requirements for their job positions. The least age requirement is 18 years. The max-age limit is 35 years and can vary to 40 years in exceptional cases. The least education requirements are Bachler’s graduates in science or commerce. For a few job positions, the education requirement can go up to postgraduates or Ph.D. Only a few posts allow 12th pass candidates to be an applicant. The job position for IT/Software Engineer needs B.E or BTech from its candidates. For more senior roles the Bureau puts up experience requirements along with higher education. The Bureau accepts candidates for Senior Research Officer with a Master’s degree and at least five years of expertise. Applicants that have a degree from a recognized university and two years of experience can apply for ASO.

    A significant job post like a Deputy Director needs an engineering degree and 12 years of expertise from the candidates. The Bureau places a few extra requirements for specific jobs like its task force. After the fulfillment of these requirements, candidates move towards the recruitment process. The recruitment procedure consists of three sections. It is the responsibility of the Staff Selection Commission to see through the recruitment process.

    Recruitment Process

    The first section is a Combined Graduate Preliminary Exam. The SSC test the candidate’s knowledge and intelligence through the CGPE. The second recruitment part consists of one or more interviews. The interviewer asks intelligence and technical questions from candidates. The Bureau short-lists candidates based upon their performance in these interviews. The final section is the HR interview. It is the elimination process where the Bureau rejects most of the candidates. To the remaining candidates, the Bureau provides job offers. An applicant must clear all these trials to become a part of the Intelligence Bureau.

    Salary & Benefits

    Intelligence Bureau jobs are rigorous about works shifts and complexity of work. The Bureau offers fair compensations to all its workers. The people who go to IB are most passionate about their country. That is why everyone puts their heart and soul in intelligence jobs. The Government and Bureau know about their enthusiasm about the job and reward them for their efforts. A Security Assistant earns 4lakh to 6lakh INR in a year. An Immigration Specialist at the Bureau earns from 4lakh to 5.5lakh yearly. A Tech officer or an ACIO makes 7Lakh to 1M INR per year. Along with these salaries, the Bureau also allocates some benefits for its employees.

    Perks and Benefits

    The Bureau provides security to the families of its employees. The Bureau includes life and disability insurance for its employees. If something terrible happens to you, IB takes complete care of your loved ones. The company provides team outings and paid vacations to its workers. To and from work, the Bureau offers transportation services to its workers. The employees enjoy free food and drinks when putting in hours at the Bureau. These benefits help increase the loyalty of the workers towards the Intelligence Bureau and the country.

    How to Apply for IB Recruitment?

    Now you have an understanding of IB recruitment and job requirements in India. You are also aware of the Intelligence Bureau duties and the benefits it provides to its workforce. You even have gone through the current notification about IB job positions. Suppose you have developed an interest in an IB career. And you want to be a part of IB as soon as possible. You can apply online for any IB post in India. All you have to do is go to the official website www.mha.gov.in and apply for a job. But you will have to take every test and interview at different venues. By following a straightforward procedure, you can become an applicant for IB.

    • Visit the official website.
    • Go to careers.
    • Look for the job you want or scroll if you don’t have a preference.
    • Click on apply.
    • Fill the registration form with accurate information.
    • Wait for a reply about the test or interview date.
    • Appear at the venue with required documents.

    To directly go to the application page, follow the link down below.