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ISRO recruitment offer career-building chances to people every year. It is an Indian, national space agency. Department of Space (DOS) owns and operates the agency. It performs operations related to space. These operations include space study and survey. The body deploys technologies in outer space. It uses a public medium to provide job information. To work there, you need to turn on the notification button. So, you stay updated about the job posts. This article is going to help you with that. Along with various job posts, the agency gives jobs to freshers as well. People who want to avail of any job vacancy must read the job requirements. From here, you can learn about those expertise and adequacy criteria. The agency layout jobs for engineers and scientists.You can gain insight into education and expertise requirements. Above all, you will learn about the pay scale and benefits for job posts. Suppose you have an interest, or you want to join ISRO. For that please read the information about the company. And learn about the recruitment process.

Latest ISRO Careers 2022

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    About Indian Space Research Organization

    The body used to be a part of the Department of Atomic Energy. The former name of the company was INCOSPAR. The agency snowballed within a few years. Then the government of India included ISRO under DOS. The agency is responsible for conducting space research in India. It has sent many artificial satellites into space. In the mid-70s, it launched India’s first satellite.
    The satellite’s primary purpose was the solar physics test. Along with that test, X-ray astronomy was its mission. It started building new rockets after the launch of its first satellite. The rockets were satellite carriers. After mastering the earth’s orbit, it released a moon orbiter. In 2008, the moon orbiter discovered water in solid form at the moon. ISRO made history in 2017. The agency launched a hundred and four satellites in a single rocket.
    In recent times, the agency has launched four-tonne satellites in the earth’s orbit. The founders created the department for space research. The advancements in the space body are greater than expected. It launched satellites that deal with connection. It provides security and information services to India. And it is among the world’s largest space research agencies.

    List of Vacancies that are in Demand at ISRO

    • Scientist
    • Technical Assistant
    • Director
    • Engineer
    • Fireman
    • Space Research
    • Library
    • Technician
    • Electronic Mechanic
    • Welder
    • Plumber
    • Draughtsman

    ISRO Recruitment Process

    The ISRO recruitment process contains three primary steps after the online application. Since ISRO careers provide jobs to freshers, the first step is the written exam. It is an entry test that the agency takes to assess all applicants. Those who lack the ability fails the exam. It is the first excluding process. The second is the person-to-person interview.

    The interviewer asks technical questions from the applicants. In addition to that, applicants have to answer personal questions. The second step helps the agency in testing the quality and drive of applicants. In the end, comes the skill test. In a skill test, the agency provides applicants with some problems. Whoever presents the best solution to the problem, becomes a job employee.

    Education and Age Requirement

    The primary education requirement at ISRO is an engineering degree. A bachelor’s degree can do as well. Anyone who has any non-medical, technical bachelor’s degree can become an applicant. The requirement increases up to a Ph.D. The minimal age demand for any job is 18 years.

    The upper age limit varies for various positions. For engineering and technical jobs, the age limit is 18 to 35 years. The limit includes both fresh graduates and expert candidates. At the same time, the age demand for ordinary jobs is 18 to 26 years. Along with these conditions, the agency demands expertise for its expert posts.

    For trainees and fresh graduates, there are no expertise requirements. The position of space scientist at ISRO needs three years of research. Along with three years of expertise from the applicants. The experience demands for non-technical jobs are the same as a public institute. The candidates need 2 to 5 years of expertise for management jobs.

    Salary & Benefits

    ISRO jobs provide fair earnings to their employees. Being a government body, It provides wages according to government guidelines. These wages may look less to some people. The institution tries to compensate its employees as much as it can. Moreover, it provides job benefits that make up for its low wages. Space scientists can earn 50k to 70k INR per month.

    It is a reasonable salary, but the amount may increase in the private sector. The lead of technical staff makes 30k to 40k INR in a month. The basic pay of a Scientist Engineer is 50k to 60k INR per month.

    Along with various allowances, the amount rises to 90k to 100k INR. The government of India gives the same salary to the Chief Executive of any department. And it is no exception to that; the monthly wage is 2.25lakh per month.

    Perks and Benefits

    As we all know, government jobs provide the best benefits to its employees. The wages of private systems can be better. But they don’t provide any benefits to their employees. Above all is job security. In government institutions, they don’t fire their employees.

    Unlike private companies that fire employees for small mistakes.

    ISRO being a government body provides insurance to its employees. The insurance can be both for a person or family. The employees get ten days of paid vacations. And the holidays increase up to 30 for hard-working employees. It provides extra bonuses and allowances to the employees.

    How to Apply for ISRO Recruitment?

    ISRO recruitment process is familiar to you. You have an insight into primary specifications. ISRO careers mean securing a stable livelihood. The benefits and wages are decent. People who get jobs at government institutions work through them till retirement. You have also seen the available positions.

    Suppose you have an interest in being a candidate for these posts. You can apply online by sitting in your home. All you have to do is visit

    • Look for the latest job notification and download the application form.
    • Fill in the required information.
    • Attach the asked documents.
    • Pay the entrance exam fee if wanted.
    • Appear for the exam with all required documents.

    You can go to the application page by clicking on the link down below.