Oil India Careers 2023 – Petroleum Oil and Gas Jobs for Freshers

The first choice of everyone who is starting their career is a job in the public sector. Their other wish is to have a white-collar job with a good salary and a lot of respect. Oil India Limited recruitment is here to make these dreams come true. If not the best, it is one of the best jobs you can get as a fresher or a pro. Here you can get an office job, or if you want, you can get a field job. The appearance of a job vacancy is a common matter here. They give away notifications to make it known to everyone who is on the lookout for a job.

Latest Oil India Limited Recruitment 2023

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    About O.I.L

    Anyone who wishes to be a part of O.I.L should read about the institute first. To get an insight into what they are gunning. You don’t need to learn the body’s set up. But having some information about it helps in answering questions at the interview table. You also get a clear image of what the body wants to see in its candidates. The company started in 1959. Its parent institute was working in the late 1800s as explorers of oil resources. Everything started when people found oil at the feet of elephants, who used to carry a burden at that time.

    After that, it went through many changes. The Government purchased a one-third share of the body in 1962. The authorities already set their eyes on it. By 1981, it became a wholly-owned public institute. From that time, the company grew to be the second-largest exploration company. It works under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. The body offers a variety of products in the petroleum and petrochemical sector. The body is continually spreading, looking for new petroleum resources. Its experience in oil and gas exploration goes a little over 100 years.

    List of Vacancies that are in Demand at Oil India

    • Engineer
    • Superintendent Officer
    • Consultant
    • Teacher
    • Information Engineer
    • Technician
    • Pharmacist
    • Clerk
    • Service Officer
    • Physiotherapist

    Basic Requirements to Join Oil India Limited

    Oil India recruitment offers open posts with some of its needs. When it comes to jobs for freshers or any other position, the basic need is age. A candidate’s age limit is something for which every institute sets its standards. It is the same for this company as well. The work here is of great importance. That is why they need mature applicants to join them. Hence, the minimum age limit for applicants is 27 years. Applicants of this age already have some work experience. They don’t need much time for training as well. The upper limit for basic jobs is 40 years and goes up to 65 years for senior posts.

    From the needed age, you can guess the education criteria. The body accepts applicants that are graduates and postgraduates. To get a lesser ranking post, there is no specific subject that the body demands. But, if you are looking to join engineer posts, you need a B. Tech or any engineering degree. Post for Geophysics needs applicants to have a PG in it. Those who want to join the Legal team must have an LLB degree. For the job of HR, you need an MBA with a major in HR. The third requirement is the worker’s experience.

    For expert posts, the body prefers candidates on their years of experience. These types of jobs need someone who can lead the whole team with them. Pros must possess excellent work manners. They are responsible for looking after the rookies. For Manager posts, the candidates need 3 years of expertise. The requirement of 2 years is the same for officer jobs in the medical and security sector. A secretory post asks for 2 years of expertise as well. For the most practical post, an applicant for the engineer position needs 3 years of expertise.

    Salary & Benefits

    With everything said and done, the basic reason that most people admire these posts is because of their wages. The workload is a little strict. But Oil India Limited jobs offer fair compensations for your hard work. A Petroleum Engineer earns 200k to 1.4M INR per year. Just like that, a Project Manager makes 500k to 1M INR in a year. A chemist has monthly earnings of 50k INR. The body pays 45k to project assistants per month.

    Extra benefits are waiting for you except these salaries. It is a government job, meaning the best pension plan. Casual atmosphere with paid vacations and extra holidays for hard-working employees. The institute gives life and health insurance to its workers as well. You get to enjoy free food and drinks during work hours. It gives you an allowance to cover your rent and bills.

    How to Apply (Step by Step)?

    Oil India Limited recruitment asks applicants to take aptitude exams. Sometimes, there is only one main exam, but sometimes there is an extra preliminary test. An interview with HR is the last step. Clear that and book yourself an ideal job. Now you know about Oil India career and its needs. You also know the open posts and salaries of employees here. If it charms you, all there is left is for you to become an applicant. An online application form is a way for you to apply for a job. Apply online while sitting at your home. Follow these steps if you want to know the right method of application.

    • Visit their website at www.oil-india.com.
    • To look for a job, go to the career section.
    • Find a suitable job and apply for it.
    • To do that, register online with your credentials.
    • Upload scanned signature and picture.
    • Pay the registration fee.
    • You will receive a reply in a short time.

    Go straight to the application page by clicking this link.