ONGC Careers India 2024

ONGC recruitment s brings out various job events in India. The recruitment lasts throughout the year. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) is not a national company. It is in fact a multi-national company. And it falls in public sector corporations.

The company is under the management of a Ministry. That ministry is of Petroleum and Natural Gas. It is a massive oil and gas production company.  The enterprise does Oil and Gas exploration in India.

Being a part of ONGC careers is a dream come true for many people. Having a job at the corporation equals having a stable life. Aspirants who want to be the company part must learn the basic job details. From here you can get knowledge about such information. The company offers job posts to fresh graduates as well.

And the company put out notices about any job vacancy. You can look at the vacant job posts from here. People who want to apply for the recruitment s must learn its adequacy criteria. The company has branches and subordinates spread throughout India. That is why it provides abundant job openings.

Latest ONGC Job Vacancies 2024

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    About Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)

    The Indian government established this corporation in 1956. And the company does the inspection of natural hydrocarbon resources. The survey process includes the finding of a resource. And then the extraction of hydrocarbons from earth. There are 26 dense basins in India. Among them, only 7 are ideal for commercial production. The institute has discovered six of these basins.

    It shows the need for the corporation for India’s petroleum industry. There were only two oil refining and production companies. One of these was Assam Oil. The name of the other was Attock oil refinery. Both of these companies were not that great. They used to provide low production at independence time. The new government focused its efforts on oil production.

    It was essential. The reason is the development dependency of industries. The energy resources were behind their development. And the company kept on growing after its formation. There was a time when the production of oil decreased all around the world. The Indian government invested a huge sum in its maintenance. They wanted to keep a stable production and refining of oil.

    The company owns various subordinates in India. The significant is Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd, and ONGC VIDESH Ltd. HPCL is the in-country operative of the company. And VIDESH operates in seventeen countries around the globe.

    List of Vacancies that are in Demand at ONGC

    • Medical Officer
    • Apprentice
    • Corporation
    • Healthcare
    • Manager
    • Doctors
    • Technician
    • Engineer
    • Admin Officer
    • Executive

    ONGC Apprentice Recruitment

    The company provides many ONGC apprentice job positions. It is one of the largest corporations that offer many apprentice posts. The company believes in innovation. It tries to bring creative ideas to the team. The most significant source for such statements is the youth. ONGC jobs accept fresh graduates as apprentices.

    The company allocates every new apprentice to a seasoned expert. The trainees learn the required skills from their seniors. And the seniors give strict training to their juniors. After a little time, apprentices start developing workplace manners. The freshers need a few months of training. And then they start contributing like experienced experts.

    Technical Apprentice is a job title. And the company gives that to the freshers. There are many destinations for Technical apprentices. Freshers can choose their posts according to their study major. There are positions for accounts trainees, engineering trainees, and I.T. trainees. Besides that, you can apply to every relating department.

    For an applicant for apprentice posts, there is no need for expertise. All a candidate need is an education degree. Education need varies for different job posts.

    Basic Requirements to Join Oil and Natural Gas Corporation

    ONGC careers impose some primary job requirements on applicants. Unlike apprentice posts, senior job positions need some work experience. The amount of required experience varies for different jobs. Besides that, there are age limits for jobs. The least age limit is 18 years, and the upper limit is 24 years. The company provides an age relaxation of 34 years for senior positions.

    The education needed for any job position is a bachelor’s degree. For engineering jobs candidates need B. Tech/B. E or I.T. degree. Candidates need a B. A or B.B.A for Assistant H.R. job position. For medical-related job positions, the education need is MBBS. The role of H.R. executive needs an MBA or Post Graduate Diploma in Management.

    The expertise needs depend on the nature of the job. Position for a Junior Consultant of jobs needs 3 to 5 years of expertise. A Public relations officer needs 3 to 6 years of expertise. The post of an Executive Cadre needs 1 to 3 years of work expertise.

    Salary & Benefits

    ONGC jobs provide adequate salaries to their employees. For engineering jobs, the company pays 50k to 80K INR per month. The average yearly wages of engineers start from 700k to 1.2M INR. The chief manager of security earns up to 3.4M INR in a year. Besides these wages, the company gives extra benefits to its employees.

    ONGC provides job security to its employees. This is one of the many great perks of a public sector institute. It gives yearly allowances to its employees. And that adds up to 120% to their basic salaries. ONGC has undertaken an employee welfare initiative as well. And the enterprise offers medical facilities and easy loans.

    The employees enjoy a free place at apartment complexes. Employees eat free food and drinks from canteens. The company also provides a housing facility to its employees. Workers at the company enjoy education facilities. The company also sends its employees on paid vacations and holidays.

    The employees enjoy a free place at the company’s apartments. There they eat free food and drinks. Workers at the company enjoy education facilities. And it sends its employees on paid holidays.

    How to Apply for ONGC Recruitment?

    ONGC recruitment process consists of three steps. Candidates must pass the Gate aptitude test to become an applicant. Passed candidates move forward towards the company’s entrance test. The last step is the interview. Questions that the interviewer asks are both technical and personal.

    Suppose you have an interest in ONGC careers. And it has increased after reading the ONGC basic information here. You know about the salaries and benefits of these jobs. You have looked at job vacancies and notifications. The adequacy criteria are at your fingertips. And you have an idea of the experience needed as well. So, download the online application form. You can apply online at the official website

    Follow a simple procedure to become a job candidate.

    • First of all, visit the official website.
    • Then go to notifications.
    • Select the job you want.
    • And click on apply.
    • Fill the application form.
    • And then pay the exam fee.
    • Take all the asked documents to the test center.

    Go to the application page by following the link down below.