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Airbus is the world’s leading airline manufacturing corporation. It is a European multinational corporation. Airbus owns subsidiaries across the globe. The company provides services in space and aeronautics. Like other countries, Airbus has various subsidiaries in India. India and Airbus share an old and vital relationship. The relationship between India and Airbus has increased throughout the years. Now Airbus careers present many job recruitments in India. Airbus has built various facilities all over India. Every year there are various job openings for these facilities in India. India is one of the most populated countries in the world. It is also a vast market for the business of different companies. Airbus is one of these countries that reckons the importance of business in India. Suppose you have an interest in Airbus careers in India. From here, you can read about airbus job opportunities.

Latest Airbus Jobs 2024

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    About Airbus

    Airbus deals with three primary businesses. The largest business that Airbus sells with is Helicopter manufacturing. Airbus has manufactured many helicopters used by civilians and armed forces. The helicopter business provides Airbus with the highest revenue. Another industry that the company deals with is space and manufacturing defense planes. Airbus is a leading military aircraft provider for many countries. Airbus also manufactures civilian airplanes. Up to this day, the company has manufactured almost 12000 units of civilian airliners. Airbus manufactured its first civil airplane, A300, in the early 60s. After that, the company has modified the planes into two different variants. One of them is A330, and the other is A340. The company’s most famous airplane is “Airbus A380”. It is by far the world’s largest civilian airplane. The company has made various outstanding products.

    Airbus and India

    India has welcomed Airbus with open arms. The company used to import its units in the early days. Soon Airbus recognized the right business strategy in India. Airbus started building various facilities and research centers in India. Due to India’s high demand for defense planes, the company has made huge profits in India. After building production facilities, the company started exporting products to various countries. Airbus collaborates with local Indian airline corporations and technology departments.

    These corporations provide Airbus with the necessary technologies and services. Since Airbus entails help from local companies, India appreciates Airbus’s work. More than 100 Airbus helicopters are flying in India. Airbus also cooperates with the India space research program. Indian Space Research Organization has launched two communication satellites. And eighteen other projects with the help of Airbus. It provides products for ISRO research programs. Airbus provides social outreach activities for the betterment of the local Indian community.

    List of Vacancies that are in Demand at Airbus

    • Manufacturing
    • Finance
    • Information Technology
    • Maintenance
    • Business Operations
    • Protective Service
    • Transportation
    • Social Services
    • Customer Services
    • Management

    Airbus Internship Opportunity in India

    Airbus secures its position as the world-leading airline manufacturer through modernization and innovation. Every year the company presents Airbus internships to graduates and students. These internships provide training and workplace experience to its new employees. The interns learn many duties for different job positions. It creates awareness about the hardships of working at Airbus. Interns become aware of the qualities Airbus expects from them. These internships usually last from 3 months to a year. The company also presents an Airbus Graduate program for freshers. In this program, the company gives jobs to fresh graduates. These graduates learn their jobs from work experience. The company selects rare talents after the performance of candidates in internships.

    Basic Requirements to Join Airbus

    Both freshers and experienced professionals apply for jobs at Airbus. To be joined Airbus India’s careers, the candidates must own certain qualities. Freshers don’t need any work experience to become a candidate. The education qualification for freshers is a graduate or postgraduate degree in engineering. The experience need varies for various senior jobs. The applicant requires a least 3 to 5 years of SQL experience. Along with SQL server administration experience for a database designer. The position of reliability engineer requires 3 to 8 years of experience.

    The job of a structure and cabin system engineer also requires 3 to 8 years of experience. Candidates need a much greater understanding if they are looking for a job position at HO. For a technical recorder in any facility, the experience need is 3 to 8 years. But for the same job at HO, the condition rises from 8 to 13 years.

    Salary & Benefits

    The employees at Airbus work hard to provides outstanding services to the company. Airbus is aware of it and tries to compensate them for their struggles. Handsome wages become a reason for countless Airbus job applications. Airbus gives 19000 INR to its interns per month. Associate Engineers at Airbus make up to 68000 INR per month. The company provides 3M to 4M INR per year to its functional architects. The wages at Airbus are higher than in various other corporations. The design engineers at Airbus make up to 1.7M per year. Besides these wages, Airbus also provides some extra benefits to its employees.

    Perks and Benefits

    The company provides paid vacations and holidays to its employees. Airbus takes care of its employees by providing paid sick leaves. The employees enjoy free drinks and juices while working. The company offers life and disability insurance. At Airbus, you work in a casual and friendly environment. The dress code is casual for every employee. The company provides training and education. At Airbus, you work at flexible hours that save you from stress.

    How to Apply for Airbus India Careers?

    Now you about Airbus careers in India. Airbus provides a unique platform for its employees. People apply for jobs at Airbus to fulfill their dreams. People who work at Airbus live a stable livelihood. Airbus charms various people with the way it operates. Suppose you are interested in Airbus after reading the primary requirements. You can readily apply for a job or internship at Airbus. Follow this simple procedure to become a candidate at Airbus.

    • Visit the Airbus official website.
    • Go to the careers page.
    • Click on “search and apply.”
    • You can either click on “Internships” or “jobs.”
    • Select the most appropriate job for you.
    • Fill the form with accurate information.
    • Apply and wait for a reply from Airlift.

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