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JK Bank Recruitment 2021 – Latest Jobs at J&K Bank

Banking jobs are a prime career choice for many people. And the people who get to be a part of this job never leaves it. It is rare to find someone who quit a bank post to move to any other line of work. JK Bank recruitment gives such ideal job chances to many people every year. Even if the posts are multiple or there is only one vacancy, it offers public notices about them. It is a semi-state bank with more than a thousand branches.

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About Jammu and Kashmir (J&K Bank)

Before getting a job, one must know the basic information about the institution. The only reason is to make you understand what you are aiming for. Read a little about how the body worked from its starting time. With that, you can make a clear picture of what it demands from its worker. Besides that, you can learn how it reached its current level of success. JK Bank Ltd works for the Governments of Jammu and Kashmir.

Along with that, the ownership belongs to it. The King of this state started it in 1938. The reasons behind it were to give financial and banking services to people of that state. It offers a variety of services in the state as a universal bank there. Only a few services it offers to the rest of the country as a specialized bank. No one can argue since its prime focus was the people of the state. It faced many hardships during the independence time.

During the separation, three of its branches were on the other side of the new borderline. It faced a huge loss because there were money and assets in those branches. It stood the ground on that one and came under the government in 1956. The bank is a recipient of many awards since that time. RBI ranked it as an A-class bank. It has the award for being the best bank in rural reach. At present, it has close to 1100 branches with more than 90% in its home state. This gives special benefit to the applicants who live there.

Available Positions at JK Bank

  • Manager
  • Sub Staff
  • Human Resource
  • Officer
  • Business Development
  • Sales
  • Probationary Officer
  • Secretary
  • Accounts Executive
  • Clerk
  • Banking Associate

Basic Requirements to Join JK Bank

JK Bank careers place some basic requirements on their applicants. These needs are mild, not that strict rules and not that easy rules. These rules make sure that the applicants are eligible for the post or not. It offers jobs to fresh graduates and also gives internships. It is a common practice for government-related institute to give these types of jobs. The primary reason is to increase the ability of youngsters with an increase in the employment rate. For whatever reason, the benefits are for the youth.

These types of posts are the most ordinary among all, and there is no expertise required. But there are needs except for experience. The first is the age limit of applicants. The minimum age limit is 21 as per its standards. The max limit varies for every post. For some, it is only 30, and for some, it goes up to 45 and sometimes even 50. Note that the limit increases for the posts that require a large amount of work expertise. It is the same for the education criteria.

The primary education need is a bachelor’s degree. With this education, applicants can apply for starting bank jobs of lower ranks. For posts like PO, the education need is a postgraduate degree. Higher ranking posts need an education level of Ph.D. as well. The expertise requirements are not a laughing matter here. ACRO and a TO require 10 years of works expertise to be eligible. The applicants for the post of CA and CTO needs 3 and 15 years of work experience.

Salary & Benefits

The part that attracts many people towards this bank is the wages they offer to their workers. JK Bank jobs pay fair salaries to its workers. A Banking Associate monthly earnings are between 26k to 32k INR. This is generous in comparison to other banks. The Branch manager earns 76k to 85k INR in a month. It doesn’t allow its interns to go home empty-handed. The monthly allowance for interns is 20k to 27k INR. There are extra benefits to go along with these wages as well.

It is a semi-state entity if you think that this limits its perks then you’re mistaken. The benefits here rivals that of state-owned banks. The posts here are secure, and the medical benefits are over the top. There are perks, like vacations and team outings. It also gives free food and drinks during working hours which is the icing on the cake.

How to Apply for JK Bank Recruitment?

JK Bank recruitment is a three-step process. The first step is the prelims. It is the shortlisting stage for JK Bank jobs where many applicants fall. Following that is the aptitude exam. It is an important test about the abilities and knowledge of applicants. The last one is the interview. With that, you know every basic information about JK recruitment. You know about the available job posts. Education and other requirements are at your fingertips now. You have an impression on the wages and perks as well. Suppose you have an interest and want to apply online, follow these simple steps.

  • Visit the official website at www.jkbank.com.
  • Go to “careers”.
  • Select the job you want to apply for.
  • Download and fill the online form.
  • Pay the application fee.
  • Register by uploading your signature and picture.
  • Please wait for it to respond.

You can go to the application page by clicking the down below link.

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