KSRTC Careers 2021 – Latest Jobs for Driver Conductor and More

KSRTC jobs are a source of employment for many people. KSRTC recruitment layout many post openings every year. It takes it as its duty to give notifications about these jobs using public means. A lot of people come from all over India to try and get a post. These types of jobs are for people who like to travel and experience new adventures every day. From its name, you can pretty much make out that it only has limits in the state of Karnataka. But that is not much of a problem because there is so much work that they hire new members all year long.


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About Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation

Knowledge about the institute’s history and set-up is important for any applicant. It has no part in the application process. But, to secure a job, one must know every basic thing. The most important part of the hiring process is the interview. After clearing technical and personal questions, the end part is all about harmony. There the interviewer asks question s about the institutes. Those who have some insight about it breeze through it. But there are people every year who don’t know where they are applying. The fate of these types of people is rejection.

KSRTC started as MGRTD in September 1948. It was right after the separation of the country. At that time, Karnataka was Mysore. In 1961, MGRTD changed into an independent body. This revolution was for the best. BTS became its part at that time as well. After that, it changed its name to MSRTC. But the name short-lived. MSRTC turned into KSRTC in 1973. It happened during the renaming of the state. With the increase in population, to main the quality service, it decided to separate.

It was a three-way separation with respect to the service area. The first body was BMTC. It offered services only in Bangalore. There is no surprise in that because it is a populated city. Its other parts became NEKRTC and NWKRTC. One has the duty of north-western position the other had the north-southern part. The government of Karnataka owns this institute.

Available Positions at KSRTC

  • ITS Consultant
  • Engineer
  • Driver
  • Telesales Executive
  • Security Guard
  • Technical Assistant
  • Transportation
  • Conductor

Basic Requirements to Join KSRTC

Just because everyone wants to join doesn’t mean that their will is the deciding factor. KSRTC recruitment set-up some rules as the basic needs of their applicants. There is nothing wrong with these rules because the jobs here are practical and involves the lives of people. Besides that, it is a public sector institute. To follow the advice of the government is a must. It is starting with the first requirement, the age-limit. It is the primary rule of every corporation for its applicants. The least age limit here is 24 years. A little higher than the others. It is because these jobs need experts.

The upper age limit is 34 years. As you can see, unlike others, there is less age gap for both limits. The second requirement is the education criteria. These are not the type of jobs that needs highly educated applicants. Only some posts like IT team member needs graduates. There is not much technical work here; only do your regular job and go home. The work is driving and managing terminals. For these posts, the body allows the 10th pass and onwards to be an applicant. Having lesser education needs doesn’t mean it will work the same way for expertise.

The expertise requirements here are pretty strict. Though the institute doesn’t need that much experience applicants must fulfill the criteria. The ordinary driver and conductor posts require a minimum of 1 year of expertise. Moving towards the management staff, the experience needs starts from 1 year and end at 5 years. For IT team jobs, the basic need is 3 years. The team lead needs 5 to 7 years of work expertise. After taking care of every need, applicants move towards the recruitment process.

Salary & Benefits

KSRTC jobs charms applicants with their fair salaries. To start with the basic job of Data Entry Operator, the wages are 13k to 15k INR per month. It is nice in comparison to corporations. A Driver Com Conductor earns 12k to 15k INR monthly. The wages of a Driver are a little higher than the conductor. A Driver at KSRTC makes 17k to 20k INR in a month. Now let us talk about the crew posts.  The company pays 30k to 34k INR to its MM Inspector. A Quality Check Engineer at the company earns 40k to 43k INR in a month. These are government jobs, so be ready to get some high-end benefits. There are special allowances and medical benefits for these jobs.

How to Apply for KSRTC Jobs?

Now you know every basic detail of KSRTC jobs and their requirements. You have an idea of its education and age criteria. Besides that, you know the average pay scale of its employee. The only thing that remains is the application process. An online application is the simplest way of applying for any job post. You can apply online by going to the website at www.ksrtc.in. After application, you will enter the recruitment process. The first phase of recruitment is the aptitude test. After that, your standard physical test. The last position is the interview. Pass all of these to get a job. To get rid of any doubts about the application process, follow these steps.

  • Start by visiting the official website.
  • Go to the careers section.
  • Select a job and register for it.
  • Give your accurate credentials.
  • Pay the registration fee for the position.
  • Upload a photo and signature to complete your form.
  • Wait for their response.

Go to the application page by clicking the link.

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