SEBI Careers 2022 – Jobs Vacancies & Internships

Again, comes a chance to get an ideal job. For anyone who is looking for employment with a major brand now is the time to apply. People look for jobs that pay well. Some want a seat that will improve their status. SEBI recruitment offers many openings in posts yearly. These posts have all of the qualities that one might want in one dream job. Starting a career or trying to get a better position than your current one. You won’t find an institute better than this. There is a notification for every job that comes up as well.

It is not that hard to access any open post. Not being hard doesn’t mean everyone can qualify for it. The body uses some methods to make sure that the candidates stand well on their bar. These methods are some requirements that it demands from its applicants. Whoever you are, you have to complete all of them just to apply for a post here. Many people aspire to get a job here, and this process creams out the ones with the best abilities. The reason people come here is the job benefits and the esteem that comes with it.

Pays are good enough to get you rid of any financial problems. Get a job here and don’t stress about stuff related to expenses. The respect you get from everyone around you is uncanny. That is because landing a job here means you have proven your abilities. Everyone knows it is hard to get a government job and, on a board, to boast. People who have an interest in these jobs can learn more about them from here. You can take a look at their job requirements. Learn about their salaries as well. If you see yourself fitting in them, you can get a grasp on their application process.

Latest SEBI Recruitment 2022

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    About Securities and Exchange Board of India

    SEBI is a statutory body of India. It started in April 1988 but began practicing its prowess in January 1992. It all started with the government passing an act. The state wholly owns and controls the institute. It is not much of a surprise as its duties are of great importance. It protects the interest of investors in India. Gives them security and promotes more investment in the country. It is a three-in-one powerhouse. Imagine a body with legislative and judicial duties. Not to mention executive tasks.

    The body has quasi-control over these duties. It works for three sectors. The first one is the investors. Security issuers are the second one, and the third is market brokers. This institute inspects companies for their account books. Layout new laws for the betterment of the state. These are some of its tasks. You don’t need to read the above information. But leaving it as it is can cost you a golden job event. To be an applicant, you don’t need to know about the institute’s working method. This information can help you during the selection process.

    List of Vacancies that are in Demand at SEBI

    • Compliance Officer
    • Officer
    • Assistant Manager
    • Executive Director
    • Engineer
    • Information Technology
    • Research
    • Legal

    Basic Requirements to Join SEBI

    SEBI careers are, without a doubt, the best option you can choose mainly if you are a law student. Like any other high-end post, you need to follow some rules to become an applicant. The rules themselves are moderate but completing them is a must for any candidate. These requirements start with an age limit that the applicants should be. Applicants should be of 21 years to apply for a job here. Positions here require mature candidates; that is why the least age limit is high. The upper age that the applicants should be is of 30 years.

    Relaxation in age limit varies for every ranking job. The max variation of 15 years, you can see is for people with any handicap. The second need is their education criteria. For a post as a Law Officer, you need the least education of LLB. The engineering jobs come with the need for a bachelor’s degree of the same nature. It is the same for general jobs like Discipline and accounting. To be a General Officer if A grade, the applicants need a postgraduate degree. From here, you can see the need rising with the post rank.

    The expertise needs are only for Senior jobs. Freshers don’t have to worry about this requirement. Their selection will be on the basis of other rules. To be a high-grade officer, applicants need 3 to 7 years of experience in their main arts. The highest demand that the body asks is for the Executive Director. Just with the name, you can guess the importance of this job. To be an applicant for it, you need a least 20 years of postgraduate work expertise. There are no extra rules for these jobs. Complete the above ones, and you are eligible enough to apply.

    Salary & Benefits

    We told you about the hard work you need to put in to become an applicant here. There is a reward for every hardship you go through. Now, it is time to tell you about the rewards that this institute offers. Starting with an intern job. It pays about 290k to 320k INR per year for interns. For data relating to jobs, the wages are 15k to 20k INR per month. A Manager here earns 1.2M INR in a year.

    For Officer jobs, the wages start from 34k INR per month to 56k INR per month. Besides their handsome salaries, there are extra benefits that increase the loyalties of its employees. You get total job security while working here. The Medical benefits go over the top. The allowance you get is unlike any other. This institute covers your transport and gives you paid holidays.

    How to Apply for SEBI Recruitment?

    For SEBI recruitment, you have to go through three phases. In the first phase, you take a prelim exam. Get good marks and then you go to their second exam. If you show a good result in it as well, you move forward towards the interview. An interview here is the final phase of selection. After reading about SEBI careers. Now you know a great deal about them. You also know the notifications about the current job openings.

    Suppose you want to join in as well, an online application is a way for you to become a candidate. You can apply online from their website at If you still have any doubt about the application process, follow these steps.

    • First, go to their official website.
    • Then go to their job notices or careers page.
    • Pick a job and click on join.
    • Complete the registration process by filling their form.
    • Pay the application fee.
    • If your credentials are correct, you will receive a reply soon.

    Click on this link to get rid of the extra step of looking for the application form.