Air Asia Career – Planning Manager


Job Responsibilities:

  • Review the pairings solutions planned versus actual and map trends to develop more robust planning & forecasting.
  • Guide the development of adequate reporting structures for pairings generation processes.
  • Manage pairing optimizer to maximize crew utilization in order to produce optimum cost to the business.
  • Ensure timely delivery of Crew Pairings by regularly monitoring the optimization process and liaise with Crew Rostering teams for subsequent roster targets and issues.
  • Analyze various pairing scenarios and determine the most sustainable solution within given parameters for the planning period.
  • Oversee the analysis of commercial/ operational changes on tactical Crew Pairings to understand cost/ net impact.
  • Oversee maintenance of pairings plans and suggest changes to the business process which will result in the overall improvements to the outcome of the final solution.
  • Maintain long-term, short-term, and budget resource plans to optimize crew utilization and minimize costs.
  • Responsible for planning crew pairings in a legal & efficient manner and within targets set to obtain stable but high crew utilization.

Qualification & Experience:

  • 2 – 3 Year of Experience

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