IKEA Jobs 2020 – Graphic Design Specialist


Job Description:

For this role, we believe you have a minimum of 5 years of experience in Graphic Design or similar as well as experience in driving output within the set scope and following up results.
You have a broad knowledge of best practices for creating, publishing and editing content from a customer-centric point of view as well as of how to structure and present information in all touchpoints in a way that makes sense to end-user as well as of defining, planning, creating, executing and following up on range presentation documentation in a relevant, simple and inspiring way with IKEA tone of voice and visual identity as well as of trends that influence home furnishing, retail design, and communication to gain insight to a more appealing product presentation for customers as well as of graphic design. You also have a broad knowledge of IKEA’s concept, brand objectives, values, and vision as well as of IKEA tools, processes and cycles. On top of this, you have good knowledge of INGKA Group strategies, priorities, and key processes as well as of the IKEA multichannel reality and online customer behaviors as well as of operational plans and goals including follow up on KPIs.

You have the ability to understand the role of Commercial as an integrated part of the IKEA business. You have strong capabilities in graphic design tools and the ability to translate abstract concepts into graphic representations as well as the ability to create innovative retail and home furnishing designs based on concept and marketing objectives. You also have the ability to deliver within the scope of tasks and perform with quality and speed as well as the ability to follow up on work is done and capture learnings to improve.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Act as a member of the HF&RD (Home Furnishing & Retail Design) team and proactively contribute to HF&RD plan/output in order to deliver to the common objectives and goals
  • Secure communication needs are met in the customer experience by providing relevant content, in appealing and easy to understand formats
  • Maximize the economy of scales by using global tools and best practices to create and plan effective, commercial and inspiring communication solutions in an efficient way
  • Use expertise in integrating graphic design solutions in commercial contexts, in order to add value and help create a visually stimulating and convenient experience for consumers
  • Create an inspired and qualitative graphic design that showcases the IKEA visual and verbal identity
  • Secure and plan for efficient production and implementation of graphic design solutions

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