Infosys Jobs for Freshers – Lawyer Compliance


Job Responsibilities:

  • Supporting the (build) of Tone and culture of the organization in line with the requirement of CIP;
  • Implement and manage subsidiary compliance program;
  • Propose and monitor risk mitigation plans identified during process review;
  • Conduct or oversee compliance training and education, including formal training sessions to informal one-on-one instructions, internal compliance-related mailers;
  • Policy drafting and administration of the Code of Conduct and Ethics.
  • Developing and implementing compliance program including drafting of policies and processes, defining and implementation of system controls and monitoring the program for continual improvements;
  • Perform intra-departmental interviews with key stakeholders involved in high-risk processes to verify compliance with established processes and applicable legislation;
  • Advisory to internal stakeholders on applicable regulatory mandates;


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